Harmony In Hell: A Halloween-Themed Album

jwcmdSaDpnjXkke2K4d_n4Vz9_725fbz2ia6Z5IzGcwPhoto by Rambo


Claire Morales and Daniel Markham (Austin, TX) have teamed up to write a Halloween-themed album for the month of October. While initially concocting a song about a serial killer, the duo was inspired to write more dark and ominous tracks and the project spiraled off from there with ten songs and combined illustrations created in a span of a few weeks. The album was fueled by candy, coffee, long walks and secret rituals that will continue to remain secret. Morales and Markham hope to instill feelings of unease and jitters with their spook-filled melodies within you this Halloween season.



You can keep up to date with Claire Morales on her Facebook and Bandcamp page, as well as Daniel Markham on his Facebook and Bandcamp page.



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