Happy Birthday Seth Gibbs: A Tribute Album

If what we create in life were to be more than a whispered glimpse of our true selves, we would rejoice in contentment looking back at our lives having done even a third of what Seth Gibbs did. Boldly broken with the absolute honesty of one working through the darkness in search of their better self with just the right amount of off-the-cuff cynism to laugh first and laugh last while facing the heavier blows of life with a fighters jaw; is this who Seth was? That is the impression we get listening over the music he left behind. It may never come close to speaking for Seth as a whole yet still it forever remains a powerfully beautiful glimpse for those unlucky few who never got to know him to experience. From Seth’s mind to our ears, a thread runs through the better moments of music created during our lifetime where nearly all the bands we have loved have at most three degrees of separation from him. One only has to look over the list of artists who took their time to cover his songs for this He’s Your Brother project to begin understanding how important the person who created the music was beyond being an incredible songwriter. He was important to the greatest minds of our generation who continually shout his praise through their actions.

Jon Chamberlain put this project together with the plan of using the proceeds towards pressing Seth’s album, “We Are All Connected,” onto vinyl. At the very least take the time to appreciate the songs, if you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating to the cause. Chamberlain has gone as far as putting together the original versions of these songs in a single spot, you can check it out here.

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