Handmade and Manmade

morning wood mug


Minimal, to the point, and with a twist; exactly how I would describe Ben Medansky Ceramics. Sculptor Medansky started his company in a small Los Angeles studio at just 24 years old. Since then, Medansky has moved studios where all of the work is now designed, crafted by hand, and shipped to other locations.

Ben Medansky is not afraid to break the rules. If he has an idea, he will go ahead and make it out of clay, even if it is not the norm. Ben Medansky Ceramics includes the basics with mugs and bowls. And then the not so basics, like pipes. Medansky’s work is collected throughout the world. It is safe to say that not only has his studio evolved, but so has he. Medansky’s goal is to bring enjoyment and insight into the daily rituals of our living environments, and damn right if he is doing so.


And hey, everything is dishwasher safe.


You can follow Ben Medansky and see more of his work on his Tumblr.
soleri cup




executive desk object


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