Halloween Visuals Mixtape 2019

Anon Magazine 2019 Halloween Visuals Mixtape

Looking for something to throw up on a screen while kicking it with friends while tossing candy to snot nose punks? Anon has got you covered.

“Life has been frustratingly short on available time to do much in the way of creative outputs as of late so for the first time in as many years as I can remember I wasn’t able to commit myself towards doing visuals to go behind bands around town this October. The probably five hundred hours that goes into dubbing VHS tapes and editing them is one of my favorite things. Any excuse to seek out the weirdest horror imaginable gets my heart all fluttery. Kinda bummed not to be able to start from scratch this time around but seeing as I have all these tapes and mixes from previous years just lying around, it felt good repurposing some of it for Anon. Hopefully you dig it.” – Jay Plissken

To pull up the entire playlist on youtube here is the link.


The Graveyard Five – “The Graveyard Theme”

Roky Erickson – “Don’t Shake Me”


No Problem – “Eyes of a Killer”

American Sharks – “Freak Out”


Real Tears – “Violence of Your Love”


Telephone Lovers – “Try and Get Away” (the beginning is Betrayers – “For the Kill”)


Eater – “Death Awaits Around the Corner”


Jimmy Wildcat – “Howlin’ at the Moon”


Black Mambas  “Be Bad Too”


Bad Steve – “Nightbreaker”


The Cruize – “Strange Little Girl”


Avebury Dawn – “Superwitch”


Bad Checks – “Hurting is Love”

The Fleshtones – “Screamin’ Skull”

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