Halloween Hauntings: No Men’s “Stay Dumb” Music Video



Ripe for the season, Chicago-based punk band No Men’s music video for their single “Stay Dumb” is a welcome homage to the Italian giallo trash thriller films of the ’70s. Combining elements of excessively fun gore and blood-splatter with a mysterious serial killer that leaves your senses tingling until the very end, No Men succeed in painting a horrifically entertaining story in a terrifically smart and confident manner. With the use of bold reds and lurking shadows, No Men doesn’t shy away from mounting suspense and grisly death scenes. Turning the stereotypical damsel in distress trope on its head, femme-fronted vocalist and drummer Pursley  moves with swagger, denying any temptation that steers her away from her murderous motivations (“Wanna kill time, I don’t really want to/Wanna stay dumb, I don’t really want to”). Like quintessential giallo film twists, the leather-clad killer’s secret identity is revealed only at the very end and their single phrase in the video’s entirety being “Portami Sangue Fresco” (Bring Me Fresh Blood”)  – a Halloween affirmation we can all toast to.


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