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It seems that everything Half Waif encompasses, they do so wholeheartedly and with utmost intimacy. Brooklyn-based project Half Waif, the musical vision of Nandi Rose Plunkett, released her debut LP KOTEKAN in 2014, followed by her sophomore release Probable Depths this past May via DZ Tapes. Plunkett’s heritage stems from a conglomeration of Indian/Irish/Swiss/American background, thus drawing inspiration for the choice of her band’s name – “it was that fractured feeling of belonging to everywhere and nowhere all at once”. While recording Probable Depths, Plunkett and her producer Zubin Hensler visited her childhood house in Williamstown, MA, to sample the creaks and clanks inherent within the rooms and the space she grew up in to incorporate into her album. Drawing comparisons to early Björk and Kate Bush, Plunkett’s vocals are lush and alluring, embodying experimental synth soundscapes to warmly envelope her listeners’ ears, while paying deliberate attention to the space in between the sound to exemplify her knack for creating distinct and striking pop melodies.




Despite living in a bustling city like Brooklyn, Plunkett is best able to hone in on her songwriting skills in solitude. As a means of reaching that state of isolation, it occasionally means she has to detach herself from her partner and friends – “[i]t’s like the songs/sounds/stories can sense the haze of surrounding activity… and only show themselves when things settle and the loudest thing is my own mind.” If you’ve yet to see Half Waif live, the band (also comprised of longtime friends Zack Levine and Adam Carlo) have dedicated their musical career to being on the road as much as possible, with plans to tour Europe in 2017. The infectious energy gained from being on stage, meeting incredible people and gathering new stories overcame the desire to stay in New York, not to mention the stress of paying rent in Brooklyn while being on the road for long stretches of time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram today for exclusive videos and photos from Half Waif on their way to San Antonio! You can also check out their stretch of tour dates and stream their album for Probable Depths below.


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Summer 2016 Tour Dates

July 8th – San Antonio TX – Paper Tiger

July 9th – Austin, TX – Sidewinder

July 10th – Dallas, TX – Three Links

July 12th – Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge

July 13th – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

July 18th – Fresno, CA – Dynamite Vinyl

July 19th – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop

July 20th – Arcata, CA – The Bat Cave

July 21st – Portland, OR – Analog

July 22nd – Seattle, WA – The Black Lodge

July 23rd – Boise, ID – The Shrine

July 25th – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge

July 26th – Omaha, NE – Milk Run

July 27th – Rock Island, IL – Rozz Tox

July 28th – Chicago, IL – Flood House

July 30th – Kalamazoo, MI – Louie’s Backroom

July 31st – Toronto, ON – Smiling Buddha

August 1st – Montreal, ON – Casa Del Popolo

August 3rd – Burlington, VT – Signal Kitchen

August 4th – East Hampton, MA – Flywheel

August 5th – Jersey City, NJ – Monty’s Hall

August 6th – Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel




Trish Connelly is the Austin-based guru who does booking and promoting at Cheer Up Charlies under The Nothing Song. She’s always down to collaborate and plan a show or event in town. She’s an expert with mixtapes (for all musicians out there you’ll want to send her your stuff!), and making connections with the cool kids. She may have a tad obsession with comics and Corgies, but she keeps it under control. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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