Guys: 9 Signs That You’re In The Friend Zone

Well, it happened again. I’m not exactly sure what brought it on this time, but whatever I did, it worked… in the wrong way. I sometimes wonder if it’s me being too polite, me caring too much about their feelings, or me just trying to be as chivalrous as possible. I would never want to make myself out to be the perfect guy, because that’s far from the truth. However, I try very hard to be different than the other guys that are my age. Needless to say, I was friend zoned again. I think I’ve actually lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard the phrase, “you are just too special to lose, and I don’t know what I would do if we broke up and lost this amazing friendship that we have.”




Enough ranting. Okay, guys, I’m here to tell you that I have seen this happen way too many times to not want to help you. I know that feeling. You’ve been stepped on, used, and lied to. So, here are some signs for you to back off (or sometimes even back out) before you get too emotionally invested and dropped flat on your ass.

“We are so similar. It’s like you’re me in boy form.”

If she ever says that, completely run away from all of the feelings that you might have. She is, in an underhanded way, subtly friend zoning you. Also – if she says “it’s like we’re related,” or “TWINSIES,” it’s literally game over.

“I love you.”

Typically, this is usually something that you work up to, and allows you to be in the clear. In this stage of your life, when she repeatedly says this in casual conversation, it’s like saying “love youuuuu can’t wait to go shopping xoxox”

“Want to go to the mall later?”

If she asks you to go shopping with her, it means that she truly does enjoy your company, but that’s about as far is it is going to go. You most likely make her laugh, and you’d be an enjoyable buddy for the day.

“I’m so glad that I met you. I don’t know where I would be without you as a friend.”

She stresses the importance of you being in her life as a friend. Guess what? She means it. She really, really means it. You are her friend. And that’s where you shall stay.

“I can’t believe that no one is dating you. You are going to find SUCH a great girl.”

Of course, you do realize that she is basically saying “for the love of God, I hope you find someone before I have to awkwardly reject you and ruin this friendship.”

She wants your opinion on why she dates “bad guys,” and talks to you about guys that she is seeing.

To be honest, I don’t think that she even knows that she is doing this one. Typically, girls do this to make guys jealous, but in your case, that’s not what’s going on. You’re smart, so figure this one out.

Your compliments mean absolutely nothing to her except for a hug and a quick band-aid.

You try so hard… SO hard to tell her that she is beautiful. You tell her that she has all of these amazing characteristics. And guess what? She’s not getting butterflies. She is accepting it as a normal compliment and continuing on with her life.

She puts no effort into her appearance when you two hang out.

Want to know why? Because you’re a friend, and she has nothing else to offer you except for a smile and a place on the other end of the couch.

 She calls you to sob about her life choices whenever she is black out drunk.

You’re the friend that understands her, listens to her, and because of your secret love for her, you would never judge her. So she calls you. Guess what? That’s where you will stay, and she loves you there.

So, in the even that you find yourself in any of these situations, you may or may not be able to climb your way out. If you want, you can attempt to change everything, or you can simply let everything happen the way that she wants it to. The choice is yours. However, don’t over think anything, and don’t try to change who you are. She appreciates you for you, even though sometimes that can really, really suck.

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