Guitarist Chris Walla Leaves Death Cab for Cutie

It is rumored that Death Cab is putting the finishing touches on a new Los Angeles untitled album to be released in early 2015. This is to be the last album made with Chris Walla. Now, after seventeen years and eight studio albums, the time has come for co-founder, producer, and guitarist to go his own way and leave the band.




We can’t help but wonder what is next for our beloved Death Cab. After the undeniably brilliant album Narrow Stairs, it is popular belief that they had a falling off album in Codes and Keys. The future remains uncertain with Walla’s departure, and fans are on edge. It is true that they will forever have Benjamin Gibbard’s voice that reminds you of Fall, Jason Mcgerr’s drumming backbone, and Nick Harmer’s eerie bass lines. But, they will be missing the emotionally charged guitar sounds from Walla, which no doubt added to the greatness of the band.

Along with Death Cab, Walla has helped Teagan & Sara, Hot Hot Heat, and The Decemberists. He is believed to be leaving to go on the next chapter in his career. We can only wonder about the timing of his departure and his opinion onto where the band is headed.

A post-Walla Death Cab will be an experimental one. If they choose to proceed with making music, the next guitarist and right hand man to Gibbard will have big shoes to fill. Gibbard’s composing is exceptional, however, not in only Death Cab, but in other projects, such as The Postal Service, All Time Quarterback, and a solo album. Without the input of Walla, Gibbard will be able to take full control of the melody. According to his track record, this will not be a bad thing. Fans will just have to wait it out for the new Death Cab for Cutie to develop its sound.

With Walla, they have been nominated for seven Grammy’s, a MTV Video Music Award, and won a PLUG Independent Music Award. They created the trifecta of Transalanticism, Plans, and Narrow Stairs, which are arguably some of the deepest and emotionally ranged albums of the 2000’s. Together, Death Cab for Cutie served as an iconic indie-rock powerhouse. Only time will tell how they will do without Chris Walla.

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