Guest Editor; Road Trip to LA

 A message from ANON: This article consists of a tour through the best places to hit up in LA brought to you by our Guest Editor for the day, Daniela Hummel of Via Los Angeles. Educate yourself on the beauty of LA and then check out Via Los Angeles to see what they are all about! Enjoy!

The dream: A VW bus packed with your friends. Music playing and camera phones snapping. 

The time: Now.

The destination: Los Angeles.

There are two types of dreamers. There are the ones who look for fame, fortune and the hottest, new whatever. Then there are those who look for the magic in everything. They have a childlike way of viewing of the world, a sense of adventure and an independent way of thinking.

…Since you are on a road trip, chances are, you are more like the latter. Los Angeles can have a shiny, reality TV-infused allure, but it also has a charming side that is laid back, spiritual and creative. So why not discover a few places which will give you a taste of LA that doesn’t just include booze, hairspray and stilettos?

Take a dip: Surfrider Beach

You’re in California and you’re going to the beach. The trip wouldn’t be complete without watching some surfers and swimming in the Pacific. This is where the surfers go to catch a wave and there are plenty of places to grab a bite nearby. Warning: the ocean here is freezing, but you can get used to it.

Tip: The most beautiful beaches in LA start at Malibu and go north (Paradise Cove, Pointe Dume, Neptune’s Net) or Manhattan Beach and go south (Palos Verdes).

Where to shop: Shareen Vintage

This isn’t your stinky old vintage store. Shareen Vintage is very hidden in downtown and you are almost guaranteed to score a find. Shareen and her staff will have you pick out the clothes you like and then help you like personal shoppers. It’s truly an experience worth having.

Food to try: In’N’Out

Yes, it is fast food but coals salivate whenever In’N’Out is mentioned. The burger menu is simple, but perfect. Then, there is the secret menu. Order your burger, fries or grilled cheese “animal style.”

Have a drink: The Bungalow

There are definitely lines to get into this bar on the weekend. If you are looking for a night where you can schmooze with a friendly crowd, play some ping pong, and watch the sun set while having some Sangria, super California style, this is where to go. It’s still happening but not quite as crowded on a weeknight.

All-in-one: Abbot Kinney in Venice

This little street is very popular and you can do it all: shop, eat, do the tourist thing, and visit the beach. The Venice boardwalk is only a few blocks away, food trucks gather in the parking lot at The Brig and it’s fun to browse the art galleries.

A Splurge: Gogosha Optique

What is a summer road trip without the perfect pair of shades to protect your eyes (and bring home with all the memories)? Gogosha Optique carries mainly indie designers who are true artists. The staff will help you find the perfect set of frames after getting to know you, so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of trying on too many pairs.

Hollywood History: Culver Hotel

The Culver Hotel is located where most of the original film studios once stood, in Culver City. The hotel has made history for hosting the munchkins during the filming of the Wizard of Oz, has secret passages and a mystery tunnel that once lead to the old studios.

For Soul Searchers: The Self Realization Center

Road tips and getting away from it all can be the best way to find yourself. You don’t have to subscribe to any particular religion to enjoy this haven. There are classes in meditation open to everyone. You can also sit by the lake, look out at the ocean, and have some quiet time to think. You will leave rejuvenated.

Your guide: Via Los Angeles

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