Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s “Pins” Music Video Review: A Hero In Their Own Right

Grown Up Avenger Stuff promo 1 credit Erica Thomsen


Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Grown Up Avenger Stuff fits like a musical superhero reminiscent of 90’s indie-rock. Brothers Tyler, Hunter, and John Thomsen and vocalist Deirdre Kroener formed in 2009 and have since played countless shows and music festivals across the United States, including Bele Chere, SXSW, and Festival in the Park. Not only gaining popularity in such an impressive amount of time and headlining renowned music festivals, this savvy and energetic pop-powerhouse also won Creative Loafing magazine’s Best Female Vocalist in 2010 and were chosen second of over 10,000 bands for the Wordkrapht band competition.

Surrounded by a superb blend of neon lights and cloudy haze, Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s music video for their single “Pins” rings expressive of confinement and suffocation in a place that doesn’t deserve one’s time and attention, yet remains a frustration to escape from (“I’m falling in two feet deep/I’m tearing up my knees in shallow water”). However as the song progresses, we catch more visual glimpses of the band through the murky fog combined with escalating guitar riffs and pounding drums. Grown Up Avenger Stuff lets loose on stage as Kroener’s tenacious and capable vocals soar with sincerity, inevitably recognizing the need to break free from personal shackles. Despite the struggle embedded in their lyrics, the band’s track still makes you want to revel in their upbeat performance and get up and dance. During the late night filming of “Pins” in a deserted movie theater, Grown Up Avenger Stuff had to uncover smoke detectors by precariously balancing on a ladder a good forty feet in the air in between theater chairs. Combining their talent for energetic live performances and their bold success for taking matters into their own hands – if this isn’t superhero in auditory form, then I don’t know what is.




Tour Dates

April 24th – Lancaster, PA (Launch Music Festival)

May 15th – Greenville, SC (Radio Room)

June 13th – Charlotte, NC (Chop Shop)


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