Gooch Palms – New Single “Are We Wasted?” – SXSW 2019 – Tour Dates

Gooch Palms
New Single “Are We Wasted?” | SXSW 2019 | Tour Dates


The always on point Gooch Palms just dropped the “Are We Wasted?” video for their new single, further solidifying our suspicions towards the Aussie tradition of baking up tasty snacks that are the perfect blend of colorful sweetness we somehow manage to look cooler by eating. Strange sweaty vibes have been leaking from Australia for a while now, something is up we can feel it–even if they have been giving a U.S. address for a few years now (or have they moved back yet? Why keep up on gossip when staying lifted is so much easier? That’s my philosophy) there is no way we can listen to this song and forget even slightly where their noise grows from. As far as the video goes, our homie Slater said it best, “you couldn’t handle that shit on strong acid.

They are kicking off their two month U.S. tour next week. If you have already left your shithole nowhere town then more than likely they will be playing near you soon. Hell they have both an Indiana and an Iowa date so anyone looking to party better make sure they mark the date cause you are out of excuses if you blow this one. As for Austin, March 13th they are playing Freakender Buckaroo Ball III and then on March 16th and 17th they will be part of the biggest party SXSW 2019 has to offer Burgermania. So basically once again I will be blowing my press pass credentials to hang out at the same spot I usually schlub it at any other night, on any other week–Hotel Vegas– which is where both showcases are happening. There is no way to rationalize being anywhere else. The traffic will be atrocious and the corporate revulsion makes me want to go full on Scanners but I’d be driving into town as part of the problem if not for already living here so who am I to judge; Gooch Palms are playing both days. Of the other bands playing Burgermania; you already know how we feel about John Wesley Coleman III and Trouble Boys, so we won’t get into that again so soon but check back over the coming days; we have The Tough Shits album review coming out later this week and then articles on Amyl and the Sniffers along with America’s last great hope Banditos, a local band spotlight, and who knows what else all before the kickoff. Times may be tough but we are getting by just fine!

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Gooch Palms Tour Dates

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