Photography: Glamorous Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll by Madeleine Schaffner

Photographer: Madeleine Schaffner ( Instagram )
Model: Makenna ( Instagram )
Makeup Artist: Rosie Reed ( Instagram )
Wardrobe Designer: K.S. Garner ( Instagram )


My name is Madeleine Schaffner and I am a photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I specialize in photographing fashion editorials and weddings. I gather inspiration from colors, lighting, and lines found in nature. My favorite kinds of shoots are ones that juxtapose grunge with something beautiful and delicate. I love translating this inspiration into actual photographs and seeing my vision come to life. I believe there is beauty in everything and I am constantly striving to capture it. 
In Glamorous Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll the model encompassed this vibe perfectly.  I love her rock ‘n’ roll/grunge attitude conveyed by her confident, angular posing and facial expressions paired with the glamour of studio lighting and makeup. I also wanted to incorporate vintage southwest vibes into this shoot through the styling which tie back to our Arizona roots. This shoot conveys my vision of a woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her attitude and feminine strength.


















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