New Video: Louisianna Purchase – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Louisianna Purchase – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

Fresh, inventive, inspiring; no one has hit the fashion world with the passionate, affecting, force of Jackson Montgomery (JXNART) in as long as our eyes have been looking to its lighthouse to keep us from crashing onto the tired shores of ανιαρός. Next week we have an interview with Jackson coming out, so we shall stop from gushing too hard just yet. We will say this is the first video Montgomery has put those humbly-magnificent, god-channeling hands to. Obviously, it was going to be perfect. No one is surprised. We share your excitement in seeing Louisianna Purchase once more blossoming their creative partnership further with this project.

Do you remember the first time you heard the Chromatics take on “Girls Just Want to Have Fun?” How it slowed existence beneath the warm glow of soul-massaging beauty? Of course, you do. It happens every time it plays. Here is one more memory to be included on the evergrowing list defining its perfection.

We will update this feature with a link to the Jackson Montgomery interview when it is live.

Jackson Montgomery – Instagram
Louisianna Purchase – Instagram | Big Cartel


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