Girl Crush Alert: Lana Del Rey

Girl crush alert: Lana Del Rey. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this woman. Now, say what you want about her music (I personally love it), but some don’t. So, in that regard, say what you will. However, none of you, and I mean NONE of you, can argue with how absolutely beautiful she is. Not to mention her FLAWLESS sense of style. Lana has a way of pulling off vintage clothes in every aspect of her life. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a picture of her in regular clothes. She always has on something inspired by a previous decade, which is something I absolutely love about her. She wears exactly what she wants, when she wants to, and does not care what anyone says about her.



I also absolutely love her attitude. In an interview with her, someone asked, “What would you say to the haters?” She effortlessly replied, “I don’t think I would say anything to them,” and then she simply kept on talking. I mean, honestly, you can’t get any stronger than that! She doesn’t care if people like her music, and she doesn’t care what people have to say about her clothes. She does her, in the most beautiful way possible.

Lana Del Rey is also an amazing videographer. If you go and watch some of her music videos, you will see that she directed them herself. She isn’t some big shot who get a hollywood guy to do things for her, she does them herself. The video for her song “Ride” is a whopping 10 minute long film narrated by Lana herself, reciting a beautiful poem that she personally wrote. I highly recommend watching it.

Basically, if you love video art, vintage clothes, and beautiful people, Lana Del Rey is worth obsessing over. I think I’ve made it perfectly clear that I already do.

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