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Since starting his solo career, Bryan Sammis has been busy creating unique, soulful, and hauntingly beautiful music under the artist name Olivver.  He recently released his first music video for the song “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People),” and we had the chance to talk to him about his music, his creative process, his new clothing company, and of course, pizza.


ANON: After you and The Neighbourhood parted ways, did you immediately jump into your solo work or was there a period of rest and catching up?

Olivver: I took a couple days to reflect and to weigh my options and figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I jumped into it pretty quick, though, about a week, probably.




A: As a solo act you’re the creative drive behind your work, but you’ve also been collaborating with other artists and bands. How does that factor into the final product?

O: I’m always down to collaborate with people. I am a creative individual and like to create in any facet. I am lucky to have such talented friends to work with.


A: You put up some of your poetry on Tumblr. Is there a difference for you between that and your lyrics?

O: Sometimes they are lyrics to a song I end up not using. Sometimes they are drunken or sober ramblings about something on my mind. Sometimes I have made them lyrics after the fact. Just a place for me to write down what’s on my mind. I was in a creative writing/poetry club in college, so this is essentially my way of replacing that void. 


A: You’ve put out solo music before, but with the release of  “Purge” you seemed to be starting a story that has carried over into “Lucy” and the coinciding videos. Will future music continue that story? What about a full-length album?

O: I have a whole concept for my eventual “full length” album. Some stories will carry over. Some themes are unavoidable. I like to create content that has a meaning.


A: What was the concept behind the video for “Lucy,” and how did it connect to “Purge” and the story you’re telling?

O: Those were video ideas I’ve had for a very long time. I decided to make them “sequels” because it fit into the story that I was telling. Continuing the purge and the whole ethos behind the first video.


A: Also in the “Lucy” video there’s an audio clip that says, “The whole concept of success to me is a little warped.” How have you measured success throughout your life and career?

O: That little clip is my favorite part of that song. Success is totally subjective. I guess I determine success by happiness and fulfillment.


A: Where did Olivver come from? Does it feel somewhat like a persona, or does it feel completely you?

O: I wanted to change my name a long time ago until I realized it costs money, and I was completely broke. It’s me, but I also feel as though it is an outlet to which I can say and do things I’ve always wanted.




A: Have you been spending most of your time recording and writing? Do you have plans to tour anytime soon?

O: Recording, writing, producing, practicing. I would love to tour. It’s just a matter of when, really.


A: Are there any specific cities that you toured before that you’re excited to play again as a solo artist? Any places you haven’t been too that you want to tour?

O: I love New Orleans. I love New York. I love Canada. I love Australia. I really want to go to Japan.


A: Outside of music you’ve also started a clothing company called Headhunters Worldwide. How did that come about, and what’s the inspiration behind it?

O: Headhunters Worldwide has been in the works for a long time with my good friend Beef. We wanted to make unique clothes for the masses.


A: You have quiet a lot of tattoos. Do you have any favorites?

O: My boom-box on my hand is one of my favorites for sure.


A: You’re a pretty big LA Kings fan (Blackhawks fan myself). Did you grow up a fan? What is it about hockey that you love so much?

O: I grew up a fan. Been going to games since I was a kid. I love how fast paced it is. I love the heart that the players and teams have.


A: And lastly, I always like to ask what style of /toppings on pizza are your favorite?



Be sure to check out all of Olivver’s creative work, and if you’re feeling adventurous, his pizza choice. You can listen to his music on Soundcloud and Hype Machine, purchase some cool new digs here, and watch his new video below.


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