Gemini Cove

Photographer: Irina Garaiacu
Hair and Makeup: Julia Sheahan
Models: Jamie and Mikaela Meyer
Production: Daniela and Carolina Hummel
Wardrobe: Infinite Youth LA and Eridanus and Cassiopeia

Via Los Angeles Gemini Cove Campaign 4


Via Los Angeles, LA’s online retailer dedicated to the city’s up and coming fashion brands, announces the release of their editorial campaign, Gemini Cove. Their campaign welcomes the addition of clothing line Infinite Youth LA and jewelry line Eridanus and Cassiopeia to their online boutique, both available to shop today on their website.


Via Los Angeles Gemini Cove Campaign 2


Both Infinite Youth LA’s clothing and Eridanus and Cassiopeia‘s diamond and 14 karat gold jewelry are inspired from the boundless nature of the sky and the ocean. Via Los Angeles‘ founder, Daniela Hummel, expresses that growing up in LA culture “[w]e are fascinated by astrology, the sea. We talk about our horoscopes and wear our hair like mermaids. When we saw the twins, we immediately thought their ethereal quality would fuse it all together.” With Infinite Youth LA‘s soft and flowing material in combination with Eridanus and Cassiopeia‘s ethereal moon and star-shaped earrings and necklaces, their editorial came together flawlessly.




Via Los Angeles Gemini Cove Campaign 6


Via Los Angeles Gemini Cove Campaign 9


Via Los Angeles┬áre-launched in late 2014 as LA’s only digital platform dedicated exclusively to sharing the hidden gems of the city. Through it’s eCommerce division, Via Los Angeles seeks out the newest, still unknown brands in apparel, accessories, cosmetics and skincare and offers their latest discoveries in their online store.


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