Fuck It: A Guide on How to Youth


I’m writing this to you within the 564 square feet that is my studio apartment, in a complex that when the sun is just right, you can detect even the most esoteric of odors radiating from the community dumpster. I’m a student, also working an internship that pays in peanuts (the gross, orange kind). I worry about student loans, job availability, and health insurance. I’m trying to navigate the rat race of networking while keeping my sanity, my grades, and my job intact. I’m like you; except I’m fucking awesome.

Why am I so fucking awesome you ask? Because I’ve figured out the secret to true happiness you idiot, but before we go bustin’ down your fancy young adult walls of propriety and inhibition, let’s go back to years 13-18. We warmly reminisce about these times because of their innocence and simplicity; summer vacations, first kisses, BFF bracelets, stuff like that. And I’m not discounting the warm fuzzies of yesteryear, but do you remember when you couldn’t wait to “grow up”? Old people constantly told you, “never to wish to grow up,” and to a degree, they’re right. You have more responsibility, people depend on you, and most of your big decisions can actually change your life. But this growth in responsibility and obligation does not mean you have to leave the badass dreams of your youth behind! What I’m suggesting here is to act on all the dreams that have been stuck up in your head from the past 10 years and put off because of “maturity”. More simply, I’m suggesting you live your life.

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You’re finally old enough to fulfill some of your most amazing aspirations you conceived in your (even) younger years: Travel the world with friends, take impromptu weekend trips, go to Burning Man, figure out what 0% APR financing means. The world is literally your fucking oyster at this point. Stop bitching about how jaded you are and try something exciting. This is your golden opportunity to do the all things you couldn’t because you were held back by your age. You’re old enough to have the independence you yearned for as an adolescent, and now you’re young enough to act…well, young! Go on a damn spiritual journey, come back, and make all your stuffy friends jealous with your child-like wonderment and positivity.

You may not have the ability or opportunity to do some of the more elaborate (and expensive) plans your little badass brain has prepared right now, or you may just need a little extra time to sort out some life shit. But never quiet the youthful voice inside your head that is your inner dreamer; learn to embrace the wisdom and power of your adulthood, without costing yourself your greatest assets, creativity and curiosity. Growing up may be complicated, and it can definitely be boring, but don’t let yourself be swept away by the monotony of traffic jams and TPS reports.


Really, it’s no secret that we are most happy when we feel inspired, so what inspires you? Who inspires you? People we look to for inspiration throughout history are those who chose to do what their hearts lead them to do, not Tim from accounting who kisses boss-ass and wears pleated pants. Go out and experience the wonderful world of life as a young adult; and have Tim keep an eye on your cats. You know, because he’s pretty responsible.

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