Fresh Threads: Burger City

Fresh Threads: Burger City

Burger City - Today Your Love Tomorrow The World

Burger City - Some Like It HotA few things can be counted on any night you hit up a local show; at least one of the drummers on a three band bill will arrive forgetting their drum set expecting someone else to work out how they will still be able to play, the second you light up a cigarette roaches will be crawling out of the scenery to ask if they can bum one– if it is a generous night and you give them one their friend will then ask you as well– and at some point you will be bombarded about buying a t-shirt. Far more often than not those shirts are in no way attractive. My closet and shelves are littered with band merch I knew I’d never touch when paying for it. Even if the front of some cheap cotton feels like ironed plastic with a half-ass uninspired image on it the purchase is rewarding in and of itself I suppose; you are after all supporting your own good time by proxy. It will forever amaze me how a band creating sweatingly angelic noise can have no sense of how to design a legit t-shirt. We see it regularly and it is painful.

Between the lack of decent threads made locally and my firm constitution in the last thing I want to do is toss some corporate entity my cash to look like every other Brock named asshole who shops at the mall and wants to spread his wings from the Burger City - Vicky Furyusual polo attire this weekend when he and his frat bros decide to venture east for the first time on sixth street I find myself wearing the same three t-shirts on repeat until fate puts something equally as good in my path. At least that was the case before Burger City flashed on my radar.

Burger City is the creative outlet for most of what Ben Tipton does. For years I have held off running a feature on his importance to Austin (i.e., booking only “don’t miss this show” lineups, creating the best show flyers in the world, having his art featured for a solo exhibition recently, etc,), seeing as he seems the type not to give a shit about something of that sort the least I can do is share the fashion side of what he does around town and leave the rest for another time. I will though digress for a moment to point out his band Trouble Boys is one of our absolute favs at Anon, if you missed what we put out about them in the past you can get in the know here.

The take on our favorite bands/people/moments in history by Burger City is a meta modernization of the lost craft hand printed zines which faded with the coming on of the Burger City - Eddie Moneyinternet whose sole purpose of creation was for the love of loving the bands and sharing that love through channeled inspiration to close friends. Being of the mindset that nothing I wear should lack importance in attachment to my psyche; Burger City shirts tap into the underlying spirit of rock n roll often idealized yet impossibly defined; you feel that spirit alive and indecipherable in every single shirt he puts out. Tossing the peanuts we slave for to one of the little people is beautiful, getting so much in return is rare.

Burger City -Suicide SolutionsFashion trends may come and go but a t-shirt and jeans is timeless. Take it from me, no piece of clothing I own gets more compliments when out at my regular spots than Burger City shirts. Project Pat once eloquently stated “real recognizes real,” I guess it has something to do with that.

Burger City designs are on a limited run always (the “Today Your Love” shirt at the top of this article came out less than two months ago and is already out of stock), sleeping on a design you dig will fill your life with regrets. Nothing is worse around these shirts than being broke or lazy.

All designs are printed through the local heroes at Fine Southern Gentleman, maybe glance through their catalog once you have gotten your fill on Burger City. They don’t let just any hack setup shop there.

Burger City – Online Store | Instagram

Burger City - Baby SpiceBurger City - Strawberry Switchblade


Other Anon favs Drunk Mums (click image for link to purchase)
Other Anon favs Drunk Mums (click image for link to purchase)

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Burger City - Ricky Kasso

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Burger City - Punk

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