Free Free Dom Dom’s “FFDD”

Based in Berlin, Germany, Free Free Dom Dom is a duo project that emerged in October 2015 under the monikers of Little Voice (vocals/composition) and Philippe Duval (vocals/production). With their unique band name stemming from Japanese inflections, Free Free Dom Dom strive to follow their own musical path and radiate an open-minded attitude.


While filming their first music video for “FFDD”, they worked with London-based director and photographer Ophelie Rondeau, embracing a rock ‘n’ roll spirit to their shoot. Using a Super 8mm camera and with only three 8mm rolls at their disposal for a total of nine minutes of film, each moment was critical. Rondeau encouraged them to be authentic rather than forcing any scenes to take place, reflecting the state of mind that Free Free Dom Dom seek to embody all along. The experience made the shoot that much more sincere and memorable, and they encourage you to live life the same.



Free Free Dom Dom are hard at work preparing for their live stage show, and hope to tour in the near future. You can find out more about the band on their SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow Ophelie Rondeau’s work on her Instagram.













All photos by Ophelie Rondeau



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