Foxygen Freak Out



…and Star Power

TL;DR  So I listened to Foxygen’s new album, and then listened to it again stoned. 

F I R S T   T I M E   A R O U N D

Sophomore albums can be a big hurdle for any band. In Foxygen’s case, there was worry that there wouldn’t even be a sophomore. Thank your respective gods (mine is Bowie) that they were able to work their shit out, because Foxygen has a fucking hit.

In 21st Century Ambassadors, Foxygen took us through a whimsical early 60’s. It was all very flower power and love and peace. Great album. This time around, they’ve gotten a bit more aggressive. The first track on the album, Star Power Airlines, starts hard and fast. It’s just a one minute intro song, but you can feel that Foxygen is so enthusiastically back, and they’re here to fuck shit up.

That isn’t to say that Foxygen doesn’t still have their flower power. There are just more sides to it all now. Songs like Cosmic Vibrations start you off relaxing in a mystical, green valley, staring up at the clouds. By the end you’ve boarded their spaceship and find yourself careening through the stars, feeling those cosmic vibrations run through your body.

The hallmark of this album is its four-part title track: Star Power I-IV: Overture, Star Power Nite, What Are We Good For, and Ooh Ooh. To me, they tell a tale of the cycle of life. You’ll go through creation, teen years, coming of age, and growing old enough to understand what’s really valuable, before eventually meeting a peaceful end.

Another thing that really sticks out to me about …And Star Power is how free the band feels. There are a number of jam session songs where you can feel Foxygen is having fun just doing whatever the fuck they want.

…And Star Power really does take you on a psychedelic journey through space (and your own mind). You’ll find influences from more decades and genres than you can count. I can’t recommend this album enough. Thank you, Foxygen. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride.



S E C O N D  T I M E :  S T O N E D

1. The first song is so enthusiastically back from the grave. They are here and they are ready to fuck shit up. Foxygen is back.

2. Now to calm back down. Hear their sophisticated piano riff come in. No need to rush this show. We’re here to entertain all night.

Gorgeous guitar solo.

3. Beautiful ballad

4. This album is mystical as fuck. It’s like I’m in a goddamn magic valley. By the end I had taken off on a spaceship careening through those cosmic vibrations.

5. After a wild ride, we’re ready to relax. The accompanying voices soothe me.

6. I love this xylophone.

7. Wonderful in the interval.

8. This song is coming of age.

9. A fourth of these! Thank god. That’s not sarcasm either. In fact, the first thing I noticed was how the song puts off an attitude of living long enough to not get caught up in the little things.


11. Has a bass line that won’t quit.

12. Actually a rolling stones attitude turned friendly jam fest


14. Old video game meets 90’s cartoon meets freaky psych.


16. It tongue-of-cheekily announces it’s own name.

17. It gives off a vibe that would force some to ‘freak out, man’, but it’s entirely beautiful instead.

Uses 70’s sound effects for a spaceship feel. Then picks back up with a kickin piano riff.

The song then turns into a pretty kick ass jam session. Which is eventually silenced.

18. Cool as a fucking Cuban cucumber smoking a jay in its cucumber bungalow

This may actually be a story about a guy like that. Like all rich Cuban drug lords, he freaks out at some point. But you know what? It’s badass. When he finally freaks all the way out, you just tune him out.

19. There he is again! But now he’s morphed again. Sixties rock megastar.



21. They throw some classic piano rock and roll, which I’m super into right now. I think they really do a good job of representing the name of the song.

First part is about letting wild because you’re free, the second is that your rocking set you free.

22. Barreling down the tracks. I would use this to be the music for a wild west horse chase. (the first part, anyway).

23. This one is kind of sweet.

24. Combines 50’s guitar with a weird, _______ goodbye.

This is taking me on a goddamn journey. Psychedelic as fuck. Psychedelic folk. Yes, that apparently is a thing.


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