Foxhunt’s Strange Creatures Album Review



Originating in Austin, Texas, Foxhunt emerges onto the music scene with a mixture of modern folk, dreamy electronics and teeming tones of alternative rock. Beginning their career as a group, Joseph Kosier, Stephen Marshall, Nadyia Marshall and Wesley Goins have yet to release their studio album, Strange Creatures, and is met with as much anticipation as excitement to preview the beginning to a long road of success embedded in their path.

Unlike many other bands mixing genres together to discover a profound fuse of something unknown to music lovers abroad, Foxhunt centers around “love, alienation and the price of both.” When circulating the depths of music, Foxhunt uses the rhythmic tones of a deep yearning with the quixotic ambiance of a melody that lives only in the Strange Creatures album.

The main song that was named after the album, “Strange Creatures” opens with Joseph Kosier’s voice that ultimately rings in our eardrums as the track gets louder, the harmonic mixture of the beat and the vocals, and the listener’s eyes closing and their head swaying to the beat. Every song is distinctive, yet reflects the same remembrance that it is Foxhunt.

The debut of this album is one to look out for. Not only is their music as distinctive as it is futuristic, but the sole meaning of it all is one worth sticking around to figure out. What lies in their path could only be more praise and recognition as they deserve.


You can get your hands on Foxhunt’s full length album, Strange Creatures, on February 1st, 2015.




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