FOX & FAIR: A New Musical Duo

FOX & FAIR: A New Musical Duo

It’s not very often that you come across people in the state of Texas who are not only passionate about the Indie music genre, but can also write and produce it in an eloquent form. Recently, I came across “Fox & Fair,” a male and female duo who have just begun their journey that will inevitably be a long and successful musical career.

Kait Schwartzbeck & Matt Kelly, both upperclassmen at Texas A&M University (of all places, right?) have released a 6 song demo album, and are currently marketing it through Noise Trade until they receive the funds to professionally record and market through iTunes. After listening to the very first song, I found myself either restarting it, or frantically playing the other 5 as fast as I could. Their music is slightly intoxicating, not even just for those who are in love with indie and folk genres, but for those who simply enjoy having something simplistically beautiful to relax to.

Their influences, so says their official website, ( are The Civil Wars, Bon Iver, The Swell Season, A Fine Frenzy, and Andrew Belle. When you have a listen to their songs, (which, I know for a fact that you will, because you would be INSANE not to) you will completely understand why these are the people who have influenced their style the most. However, according to a personal interview with them, although they are completely flattered to be compared to such great artists, they hope to grow even further upward in their musical style, and hope to utilize different sounds and find other influences as the seasons progress. (With the talent that they are already exuding I cannot even imagine where they will take it from here.)

“Their haunting harmonies go deeper than just the sound, but are used to intertwine with the meaning of each song (” For instance, in their closing song,  “Yesterday,” there is not a single point in the song where you are not having the pleasure of hearing the distinctive and echoing synchronization of harmony. It seems that both of these two have mastered the art of capturing their listeners, and forcing (in the most brilliant of ways) them to see into the pit of their hearts and the depths of their souls. That is, their lyrics have deeply rooted meanings and messages than the songs that you will typically hear on a mainstream radio station today.

Well, I don’t want to continue to rant on my personal opinion about them. I encourage (no, I really demand) you to have a listen to their music, and help donate to their endeavors to professionally record their debut album. If I hadn’t known they were a brand new duo, I would have assumed that their music would be featured in a movie such as “Perks of Being a Wallflower” or on one of the records playing through the house in “The Strangers” (in a really good way).



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