Flying Fish

Photographer: Belladetta Peresa ( Instagram )
Artist / Model: Mino Wu ( Instagram )


The title for the photoshoot “Flying Fish” comes from model Mino’s name meaning “little fish”, yet she possesses the capability to break boundaries and go for the unexpected, knowing no limitation. Her solo art exhibition “Story of Our Eyes” creates an immersive experience for her audience in order to empower positive body imaging. The exploration of identity through the eyes of sexuality and race is explored through a sculptural and performance based practice that interrogates the relationship between representation and identity. 

Belladetta’s topless photoshoot delivers a message about being comfortable in your own skin despite your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, etc. It’s only when you accept yourself that you can become mobile and change, and any insecurities are free to vanish.


Photos taken on Nikon FM2 Titanium and Mamiya6




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  • Mia

    Stunning photography, I love the whole concept of this shoot which has been executed through each image. Great lighting in the first image, I cant wait to see more!

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