There has always been the struggle between what’s fashionable and what’s functional, and usually you can’t have both. Stilettos are cool, but walking in them could be compared to how a baby giraffe looks during its first steps. Disastrous? You could say that. However, as important as shoes are, there’s one accessory that tops even those beauts – bags. Purses, more specifically. Everybody’s got their shit to haul around, whether its a cell phone, lipstick, or a poster of Ryan Gosling (you never know when you’re going to need it). But, the #struggle everyone has experienced is finding a bag that allows you to carry all of your necessities while still making you look faaaaabuloussss. Yes, the struggle is real. But ladiez (and gentlemen), there’s a new sheriff….or you know, brand, in town that’s doing it all – fashion, function, and versatility. Say whaaaaaaaaa? Yes. This is real life. We know you just “cant even” right now, but I promise you, its worth it and you can even. Vere Verto has done it all, ladies and gentlemen. You can now have a purse/fannypack….pannyfack? Furse? Whatever. Its cool. I never knew I needed one of these, but I do (hint…mom…hint).

Needless to say, we’re #obsessed.



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Purnyfack. Fannypurk.

It’ll catch on. Just watch.