FAB or DRAB? – The Return of Overalls

The 1990’s are back in a big way. Boy-bands, Boy Meets World (sorta), Doc Marten’s, and just the 90’s grunge trend in general. However, one article of clothing from our youth has made its way back onto retail racks and runways across the globe: overalls. Yes, you heard me, OVERALLS. This is the one trend from the 90’s that I was sure would never return, but boy was I wrong. When I think of overalls, I think of being in the second grade, and rocking a purple pair with the Space Jam logo on the front. I was unable to find a picture of them, due to the fact that every pair ever in existence has probably been burned for fashion crimes against humanity. That being said, somehow, somewhere, someone thought they would be an awesome trend to bring back. Personally, until I see Ryan Gosling or Leonardo Dicaprio sporting a pair, I refuse to take part in this (hopefully) passing craze. However, if you are a bold fashionista, and wish to rock this fashion trend, I salute you. Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors featured several overall looks on the runway for their fall 2013 collections. Not to mention dozens of celebs have been seen wearing them out and about such as: Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rihanna, and Jennifer Aniston. Since I am obviously siding with DRAB on this fashion trend, I feel I should at least provide a few pictures that support my choice.

Exhibit A: N*SYNC


Photo Source

                      What is that you say, that this picture isn’t relevant because it’s of a boy-band from the 1990’s? That’s exactly why it’s relevant, because this is where the fashion trend should stay, IN THE PAST. If you need a modern example, look no further than this lovely photo from the Urban Outfitters website.

Exhibit B: UO


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You guys… Those are velvet overalls, that is not okay, ever! I cannot lie to you though, there are a few celebs who have managed to rock the look. Case in point: Liv Tyler. But just remember, she has babies with rock-stars, her father actually IS a rock-star, and none of us can ever hope to be that fabulous, so, really she wins by default.

Exhibit C: Liv Tyler


Photo Source

I think you know in your heart what is right when it comes to the return of overalls. If you really want to feel nostalgic about the fashion of your youth, then might I suggest watching Saved By the Bell episodes on Netflix. Kelly Kapowski in overalls circa 1990 > you in overalls present day.

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