Etiquette That Still Matters

                Being that we are in the twenty-first century now, it seems to me that our manners have kind of died off… along with ponchos and tie dye shirts. While I am quite okay with seeing these fashion statements turn into fashion no-no’s, I do hope that proper etiquette can be kept alive and reinforced in society. Here’s a few bits of etiquette that should still be followed:

1.       Table manners. PLEASE, for the love of God, chew with your mouth closed. I really don’t want to see the chewed up matter in your mouth, much less listen to you smacking as you chew on it. I remember a rhyme that I learned as a little girl that went, “Mable, Mable, if you’re able, take your elbows off the table.” Sometimes I think I need to repeat this to twenty-somethings that eat like they’re at a pie eating contest – especially if I’m on a date with them… Heeeellllllloooooooooo, not exactly a good first impression.


2.       Holding the door open for someone. Okay, so I’m a little biased, but I think here in College Station people do a pretty good job at this one. However, when I go out of town, I notice that doors get shut in my face a lot more often. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, just hold the damn door open! It wouldn’t hurt you to be kind to someone.


3.       Going out on an actual date. I realize that a lot of guys still do take girls out, but when I was single, I noticed that so many guys just wanted me to come over to their house or to go out drinking. That does not constitute as a date, and it’s hard for me to get to know you if I can’t even hear what you’re saying over the music at the club. If you actually like a person, a good way to show it is by taking them out; dinner, the arcade, mini golf… something fun and intimate. It’ll give you a good chance to actually talk to this person and figure out if they’re your type or not.
PS: Either person can ask someone on a date – at this day and age, it’s not always the man that has to do the asking!


4.       Paying attention to a conversation – AKA – not texting while somebody is talking to you. Yes, I admit that I’m guilty of doing this, but it’s just not polite, and it makes the other person feel like you aren’t listening to them (which you probably aren’t).


5.       Spelling things correctly. Ur nt 12 y/o n e mor, so dnt type lyk u did in 7th gr. Okay, we are all adults here, so please type like one. You probably have auto correct on your phone, so it’s really not that hard. You sound smarter, and I guarantee that people will take you more seriously.


6.       Giving your seat to somebody. I appreciate this SO much because I ride the bus to class and I have terrible coordination, so standing for the bumpy ten minute ride to campus isn’t very fun for me. Yes I am a girl, and no, I don’t feel entitled to a seat on the bus, but you have to admit that it feels good when somebody gives up their seat for you. And this doesn’t just apply to guys; if you see an elderly person or someone who is handicapped boarding the bus and all of the seats are taken, get your butt out of that chair and offer it to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl, just BE NICE. A generous task can pay off, you know?


7.       Say thank you. If someone does something for you, no matter how small, let them know that you notice and appreciate it. Simple as that. Letting someone know you appreciate them can really make a person’s day, trust me. 


Overall – Be nice and think of others!

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