EMILY VS BEAR: A Slow Fashion Movement


Initiated by Emily Bell, EMILY VS BEAR is a slow fashion movement meant to help sustain and localize fashion threads within the United States. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on products based in China or elsewhere outside of the country, Emily Bell would rather be creating her own sustainable and quality products. EMILY VS BEAR strives to use natural materials in their clothes which are designed to keep your wardrobe alive and not harm the environment, and “has every intention of becoming one of those leading brands and setting an example of what a responsible business should be doing.” Their brand aims to create a “culture and mentality for quality over quantity”, putting effort and thought into individual products instead of mass-producing and without giving any thought to harmful environmental effects. “Really, it all ties in with sustainability”, says Emily Bell. “How we can create and consume without harming the planet.”


How can you help? Head over to their Indiegogo campaign to learn more about sustainability in fashion, and donate to receive some incredible perks!


You can also keep up to date by following EMILY VS BEAR on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.







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