New Music: Elephant – “Medicine”

Photo by José van der Weide
Photo by Bart Heemskerk

We had to scratch our heads when first hearing Elephant. This collective sounds more like they belong as the house band at The Electric Church than some Netherland fresh-faced relatively unknowns. “Medicine” has a storyline all its own, take what you want from it; for us, it speaks metaphorically about getting back into the moment held together by great times with great bands. A prescription we have been waiting to fill for far too long. Putting this song on is an astral projection to our better lives defined by music shared in offbeat places where feeling alive is walking through a barely lucid dream. Elephant are obviously dreamers.

The final details on their upcoming full-length Big Things have yet to be set. Count on a feature when the time comes. In the meantime, let us dig together this Emilė Maigytė animated video. We will also include their self-titled EP along the bottom in case you are not fully up to speed with the band; let us know if you think we are off the mark to hear “Medicine” as a continuation of “Birds Eye View.”

Elephant – Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Website 

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