Drunk Mums: US Tour | New Songs | World Domination

Drunk Mums – Photo by Monica Martinez

Drunk Mums:
US Tour| New Songs |
Street Domination

By Jay Armstrong

Having gone hard for five solid years now, spoon feeding Drunk Mums to every poor bastard I rub shoulders with, now less than a week until these Australian gods finally (FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) smell up Hotel Vegas, I daydream of the halo hazed optimism, the restored faith in a very alive still kicking spirit of rock n roll coming off these dudes as they climb out of the van to feel this over-hyped city for themselves. I miss the days before everyone with a workout regimen and/or trust-fund picked up on our use of the term “stoked”–I probably always sounded like a douche bag using reborn slacker slang but at least I didn’t sound like every other douche bag while using it–so while I have to resort to a thesaurus now to find the proper way of getting out how having Drunk Mums about to sweat up our favorite stage has me as close to hysterical someone so beat down and downright blase’ about the bullshit can be; which amounts to I won’t miss the show but will probably bitch about having to pay for it. Timmy’s Organism and The Spits are about the only other bands to get me this eager as of late.

For those of you less jaded, for those of you still strapped into this wild ride of life, I mean it from the bottom of my black atrophying lungs, if you sleep on this set you have zero clue on how to go about shaping an existence worth remembering when the good great days are in the rear view. Having rapped with one of the burnouts in Amyl and the Sniffers a few months back and hearing firsthand how watching this band get loose is basically on the level of Bad Sports and The Bad Lovers if they Voltroned into one leather studded shit kicking robot single handedly tossing tech transplants out of town the hard way.  It was far from the first time I have heard similar from friends who have shared the stage with em. You can feel it gaining force coming down the line as they barrel along on tour, all the voices in unison shouting about the tangible spirit worthy of being idolized on their albums coming off in such a way the recordings fall to shambles in comparison. Drunk Mums make me believe we can take back these streets. Join the revolution proper comrades! Aug 13th will be their last night on tour, let us send em out the tight way.

As part of tour they just put out two new songs; “Adderall” sticks it in the vein once more of the ethos lain out on Urban Cowboy yet edges their sound into a dimension unique–especially on the opening buildup– compared to anything they have shaped before while “Headshrinker” on the other hand is a visceral reminder this dog still has fire and fight left in em going as tuff as they have ever gone and leaving me practically looping it on repeat. I am assuming they will be selling tangibles on tour of the two but don’t hold me to it.

Anon will be getting together with the band for a few words while they are around; don’t get your hopes up for anything worth reading though, I will only be asking about their favorite flavor of ice cream and maybe which member of Kiss is their hero–although I should probably avoid the latter seeing how any response other than Space Ace will have me liable to stomp to the bar for a shot and never return–so being a professional (halfass) journalist I should probably stick to comparing the weather with Australia and maybe find out once and for all if Wake In Fright is as legitimate at reflecting their home turf as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is of ours.

Witness god in the flesh Tuesday with The Reputations and Teenage Cavegirl, snatch up tickets here.

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