DIY Beauty Queen: Floral Headbands

I know you have all been seeing them everywhere and I know you all are just itching to embrace your contemporary flower child and I know the corporate version sold at places like Urban Outfitters are not cutting it for you. So in the name of warm summer days and music festivals, I am about to show you how you can make your very own floral headband. If Frida Kahlo did it, so can you.

First, you are going to need a bit of inspiration. Go online and search for floral headbands so you can get an idea of how big you want it and what colors you would like to use, then make a mad sprint to Hobby Lobby and raid their floral section of the following items:

-Flowers, ALL THE FLOWERS. No really, get as much as your heart desires in an array of colors. It will make the creative process easier.


-Glue gun and of course, glue sticks.

-Floral tape

-Floral wire, you may need wire cutters but we used a serious pair of scissors

-Green felt

-Scissors, duhhhhhh.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.09.23 PM

All right, now that you have everything you need you are going to want to pull the flowers off of the stems they may or may not have come attached to.

Take your floral wire and cut it in adequate measurement so that it fits around that darling head of yours and piece it together in a perfect circle with the floral tape.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.10.23 PM

Now, glue guns at the ready, ladies.

Cut out green pieces of felt into circles of your best judgment and glue them to the backs of the flowers. Glue the flower(s) on your floral wire as you please and glue another piece of green felt over that, so as to make a floral wire sandwich in a sense. Are you following me here?

Becky, Christopher, and Danielle working on their floral headbands
Becky, Christopher, and Danielle working on their floral headbands

Do this with as many flowers in a style that is aesthetically pleasing to you and after an hour or so you will be ready to time travel all the way back to Woodstock, or just Coachella, whatever, ya know.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.08.51 PM

Danielle and Becky's finished product
Danielle and Becky’s finished products
Our Assistant Editor Danielle Huerta
Our Assistant Editor Danielle Huerta
Editor Zach sporting Becky's creation
Editor Zach sporting Becky’s creation
Editor Becky sporting her creation.





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