Harnessing the surrealism of David Lynch and the soprano of Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, Pale Dīan certainly evokes a transcendental experience when it comes to their aesthetic and live performance. Initially forming in Dallas, Texas, guitarist Derek Kutzer and vocalist Ruth Smith established new ground in Austin this past summer, as well as a new bassist, Nicolas Volpe. The band also changed their name from Blackstone Rangers to Pale Dīan (‘pale moon’), eliciting dream-like qualities which further helped to solidify their image and sound. Pale Dīan’s textured guitar, lush vocals, and ethereal deliverance have earned them joint touring bills with the likes of Tender Age, Drab Majesty, Them Are Us Too and Cheatahs in 2015, setting the bar high for what they’ve already achieved and where they plan to go. The trio recently found a home with label Manifesto Records, boasting record releases from Dead Kennedys, Tom Waits, and Lilys. Their new LP, Narrow Birth, is set to come out in 2016.