Disproving Modern Day Fallacies

“A true friend supports every decision you make.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a friend say this when they don’t like what I, or one of their other friends, tell them. Like your family, a true friend is there to guide you and be there at times in need. This doesn’t mean they agree with every choice you make. If I ask my best friend if the jeans I’m wearing make me look fat, she’s going to tell me the truth because a TRUE friend doesn’t let you out that door lookin’ like an Oompa Loompa. This goes for relationships, school, going home with a guy you just met at the bar… A friend should tell you when you’re making bad choices, and be there for you when you make it anyway.

“A good boyfriend shouldn’t want to change anything about you (except your last name).”

Ok, yeah, I agree that you should not go into a relationship because you’re planning on fixing someone (it won’t happen – this goes for boys and girls), and I know sometimes guys expect too much from their girlfriends, like for them to get into a size 0. But how many times have you heard someone say that their significant other has made them a better person? If you love someone, you want the best for them, and if that means going to the library with them until 2 in the morning to get them to study or waking them up on Sunday morning to go to church, then that’s allowed. Girls, you are not perfect, you have faults and imperfections. Be open to fixing them and bettering yourself, and don’t take it the wrong way if your significant other wants to help you.

“Sorority girls are a bunch of attention seeking whores” or “Fraternity guys are sex-addicted douche bags.”

I have to admit I’m guilty of using these stereotypes quite often to describe people around my college campus, but I think I’ve gotten better at not judging people because I have realized not everyone is the same. Just because a girl is in leggings and an XL t-shirt, that doesn’t mean she gossips and sleeps around. Sometimes, yes, but don’t give her a dirty look before you’ve even gotten her name. And of course a lot of frats are known for being the biggest manwhores around town, but I know plenty of guys who are either frat boys and genuine guys, or look like frat boys but aren’t even in one and both groups get judged quite often because of stereotyping. Try getting to know people first.

“I’ve done basically everything except for sex, but it’s okay for me to slut shame because I’m obviously still a virgin.”

No. Just no. Stahp.

“High school is the best four years your life.”

If you were the popular girl in school who won Homecoming queen and came into college expecting your peers to bow down at your feet but instead got ignored and shunned, then okay, maybe this is true. But generally speaking, high school sucks and college is about 80 times better.

“College means no studying and partying every night!”

I figured out that this wouldn’t fly my freshman year of college when I got my first ever D as a final grade. Some people never get out of this mindset, most of which will flunk out of school and work at McDonald’s for the next 10 years. Don’t let that be you. Make sure you’re pacing yourself and keeping a good balance between your social and academic lives. And don’t sleep around… Really, it’s not cute and it’ll just hurt your dignity.

“I’ve been with my boyfriend/girlfriend since I was in middle school, we’re going to be together forever.”

Yeah go ahead, tell me about your cousin’s best friend’s brother who just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his childhood sweetheart. They are the .01% of the population who this happens to. Which means you are part of the 99.99% that it does not happen to! And I’m telling you this not to depress you, but to let you know that heartbreak is a part of life and it will teach you things that you wouldn’t be able to learn if you never experienced it. So enjoy your significant other while you’re together, but if things don’t work out, it’s not the end of the world, I promise. Take that opportunity to find yourself and then worry about finding your Forever.


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