New Music: Dinos Boys – “Holy War”

Dinos Boys – “Holy War”¬†

by Jay Armstrong 


With about ninety percent certainty I can say Dinos Boys are in fact a band. I saw them rail a couple shows. Spent a couple months flipping that Last Ones record over enough to righteously piss off the neighbors. Then again it was like eight years ago and as with everything else notable about the early 2010’s, who the hell knows if it actually happened. Those down and out days of scrapin’ dimes to ride the wave of gettin’ by, they ain’t over. Far from it. Feeling alive’s a vein you can always hit. Dinos Boys may be offering us a slow drip with only two songs but without a doubt, they are giving us the goods once again.

No band this side of Drunk Mums rips from flesh to spin in threaded defining fashion better than Dinos Boys do. “Holy War” continues the conversation further. As loose as a demo, rowdy as a riot, and doggonit the chaps are likable. Someone out there with an open ear for style cloaking substance may not have heard of these Atlanta slackers. My fingers are crossed that is the case cause someone better call 9-1-1 if I’m gonna be over here holding my breath waiting to find someone who’s already hip to the band who can read.

As a bonus, backing “Holy War” with a cover of “I Don’t Mind” does double duty by reminding me to put on that killer Raydios ODR once this article is wrapped.

Maybe you came this way to find out who all is in the current lineup of the band; if these songs are planned to be part of some sort of anything resembling an album; will that album be in some sort of tangible form; will the band smash in our Texas faces ever again? Who the fuck knows. Figure it out for yourself. I’m just hyped on these new tracks and thought you might too. If you want real journalism, call up The Chronicle and ask for Kevin Curtin or something, that dude is the professional yin to my half-ass yang.

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