Death’s N.E.W. Review



If you haven’t already heard of Death YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.  These guys are living music dinosaurs that made one of the best punk albums I’ve ever heard like 40 years ago that went undiscovered until 2008.  You can almost imagine these three black guys rising from the music graveyard of forgotten bands reborn as magnificent, glowing phoenixes.  They have a new album coming out that brings something old and new to the table. Death holds onto some of their unconventional technicality and proto-punk sound while also modernizing into something that actually sounds like it was made in 2015.  In songs like “Relief” and “The Times” they have a heaviness and energy that really wasn’t that present in …For the Whole World to See.  And while their other music was more solemn and dark-ish, this album feels optimistic and uplifting especially in songs like “Story of the World”.  Overall this album has more substance (and more songs) than ...For the World to See, so if you’re a fan you will appreciate this album. Death’s music, including their two old albums and this new one, is the most unique rock around right now and it is absolutely worth picking up.


You can order Death’s N.E.W. album on Drag City, iTunes, or Amazon


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