Dear Tracks Takeover!



“Dear Tracks comes to ones ear as a nebulous, sugar coated enigma. Focusing on sweet melodies and dreamy guitars evoking warm feelings of a radiating sun.” – Indie Current


Dear Tracks is a dream pop band based out of Grand Rapids, MI formed by Matt Messore. Messore used to play in a band (You Blew It). The rest of the members,┬áVictoria Ovenden, Jake Wiltse, and Ben Abid don’t really have a past history of established projects, so Dream Tracks is their first band in terms of getting musical experience. They just released their first EP “Wildflower” at the end of February online, as well as on vinyl and cassette. Dream Tracks formed less than a year ago, and they are currently on the road for their first tour to Brooklyn, NY in mid April. Their recent single “Moment of Clarity” just got added to Spotify.






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