D A Y D R E A M . || 白 昼 夢

Photographer: Jayme Javier (Canada)
Model: Dawn McIntosh (Canada)
Flower Artist: Koichi Wada (Japan)


A detachment from reality, a visionary fantasy while awake.


This is a collection of photos from the surreal flower studio, Dramatic Flowers, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
I am a photographer based in Lethbridge, Alberta.  As I was on a recent trip to Japan with Dawn McIntosh,
we met with Koichi Wada,  a flower artist based in Tokyo.  We had the chance to experience the unique opportunity 
of shooting a fantasy themed set of pictures and stay the night in his flower shop which was filled with arrangements he had made. This was an overseas collaboration bringing people together from different parts of the world.






IMG_3 copy


IMG_2 copy


IMG_6 copy


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