Curelight Wounds’ Constant Mind Review

Curelight Wounds - Constant Mind

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Marking his seventh release since 2013, Brooklyn based musician Steve Schwadron (of Dead Leaf Echo)’s alternate project Curelight Wounds released their latest EP, Constant Mind, to kick off the start of this week. Comprised of two and three minute tunes chock full of guitar driven walls of sound and raw vocals, Curelight Wounds’ four tracks pack a quick and gutsy punch. Their gritty chords reminisce back to lo-fi 90’s garage and shoegaze bands, its rough around the edges recording and aural distortion naturally drawing towards DIY aesthetics. Their first single, “Sew It Back”, drives discordant energy from start to finish, the track’s jarring beats naturally pummeling through without pause.



Constant Mind is available for purchase and download on their Bandcamp page. Also worth checking out is their cover for Wire’s “Map Ref 41N 93W” for The Blog that Celebrates Itself’s compilation, including tributes from Astral Tide, Cupid Youth, Artificially Yours and more.


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