Video Premiere: Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

Video Premiere :

Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

By Jay Armstrong

The wheels turn slow when getting respect around here. Crocodile Tears have been on the steady slow climb for a few years now. We are damn lucky they have yet to self-destruct and call it quits, especially this side of 2017’s now infamous Matthew Melton proving himself to be absolute garbage meltdown which left us in desperate need of a band like this who understands the necessity of a hook with enough grit to pull them off withoutta hint of that beggars wreaking desperation of all those Jack Black Keys White Stryper Soundcloud peddlers with their staked “For Sale” signs out in front of the generic “live music capital of the world” bars over on sixth street proper. Crocodile Tears make date music for the blank generation, cruising music for the down and outs, and are about as safe as good rock n roll can get. If this were 1980 they would be ruling the world.

The video for “Tuned Out” sums all of it up in a single swing; their strut, their aesthetic, where they have been and what they went through to get there, most importantly though they reaffirm my suspicion in the last thing they see at night before drifting off to sleep being that sweet Phil Lynott mustache looking down from the poster they keep hanging over their beds (if they tell us two or less members have Thin Lizzy tattoos I say we demand proof!). This is a respectable feel good single, from respectable feel good dudes, with an appropriately crafted video directed by Andy Ray Lemon to match; this is about as good as we could hope worth sharing with those who have yet to feel their first skipped heartbeat from the band.

Word is their full length will be on the streets next year. In the meantime they are gonna have some cassettes of the Tuned Out EP available soon. Catch em with The Whiffs and Quotas at Hotel Vegas on November 26th.

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