Cosmic Velvet

Label: Flare Street
Photographer: Conner Sorensen
Model: Andrea Lua
Model: Emily Landers
Stylist: Emily Landers & Andrea Lua

Producer: Nik Shimmin
Set Design: Vintage Desert Homes
Wardrobe: Flare Street, Raquel Allegra, Stax and StoneParks and Lea, I’m With the Band and Jam Vintage



Melbourne label, Flare Street, has built a cult following in their hometown and around the world. From models and influencers such as Stephania Ferrario, Kristina Mendonca, Murielle Van Schaik & Hannah Perera wearing them to musicians such as No Frills Twins, Nicole Millar and the Flaming Lips. The Melbourne Made label has been featured in Vogue Italia, Yen Magazine, Fashion Week Online, Sticks and Stones Agency, Off the Rails Magazine, The Ladies Network & Disfunktion Magazine in the last year.

Focusing on a bold visual language and distinctive aesthetic within every Flare Street piece, we love to design unique prints and fabrics, reworking concepts from the 1960’s and 70’s with modern colours and structures, and decadent textures. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, but some things are always present and we try to create meticulously designed garments that people will want to hold on to forever, through all seasons with an exceptional cut and an innovative use of tailoring. We want our customers to feel empowered and as though they are expressing themselves in their truest way. Flare Street places a huge emphasis on slow fashion, locally made and produced clothing as well as sustainably sourced and printed fabrics.

The week following our NYFW debut and launch party in Bushwick, Brooklyn, we headed to California and captured our latest collection, Cosmic Velvet, out in the Joshua Tree National Park. We love to illustrate how and where to wear our flares, and what’s more of a contrast than New York Fashion Week and the tranquillity of the Californian desert sun. This collection was heavily influenced by pop art icon Peter Max, and ‘The Cosmic 60s’ artwork he produced, particularly references to the Universe in his psychedelic artwork.  Using cosmic and lunar motifs to create a celestial narrative, two distinctive colour palettes express contrasting ideas; a story of the light, playful cosmic heavens, and the rich, brooding midnight. Australian artists Harley and J and Shell Shimmin contributed specially commissioned pieces for this collection exploring the contrasting moods and magical possibilities of the universe. Printed sustainably in Australia and made in Melbourne.


Flare Street Rust Dhana+Azura 25


Flare Street Rust Dhana+Azura 1


Flare Street Rust Dhana+Azura 18


Flare Street Rust Dhana+Azura 19


Flare Street Rust Dhana+Azura 23


Flare Street Cotton Candy Dhana+Azura 3) 14


Flare Street Cotton Candy Dhana+Azura 3) 12


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 79


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 75jpg


Flare Street Astro Blue Dhana+Azura 2) 10


Flare Street Astro Blue Dhana+Azura 2) 3


Flare Street Astro Blue Dhana+Azura 2) 2


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 44


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 19


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 30


Flare Street Hendrix Nights 24


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