Confessions of a Diet Soda Addict

There are three things in the food and beverage world that I am honestly addicted to: chocolate, pizza, and diet soda. Coke Zero to be exact. I don’t smoke, do drugs, and I very rarely drink. I exercise regularly and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and because of this, I have justified my addictions to the three best things on this planet for quite some time. Recently however, I have wanted to slowly cut myself off from Coke Zero altogether. I know what you’re thinking, “Coke Zero tastes like unicorns sliding down rainbows on your taste buds, why oh why would anyone want to give that up?” While I’m not one of the extremists who believes it causes cancer, I do believe there are some crazy shady things about aspartame, and I honestly just feel better when I don’t drink it 24/7. Plus, I often give myself weird challenges that I just want to accomplish when it comes to improving my life. That being said, it’s only been a few weeks and I still have dreams about drinking a vanilla flavored Coke Zero from Sonic in the middle of a hot summer day. So I thought, as a part of my struggle, it might help to provide some tips with what NOT to do if you are also insane and trying to give up the most deliciously refreshing beverage during the hottest time of the year.


1. Do NOT drive by Sonic, ESPECIALLY during the hours of 2-4 pm, aka Happy Hour. If we didn’t live in a world where they were around every corner I would say this would be easy, but sadly, this just isn’t so.

2. Do NOT substitute your daily soda or (sodas) for those janky, Walmart flavored soda waters. Plain and simple: you are better than that!

3. And lastly, if you’re giving up diet soda because of the aspartame element, don’t substitute it with another bad artificial sweetener like Sweet-N-Low or Splenda. If you really need something, go for Truvia or Stevia because they are all natural and plant based.

Also, I realize that living in the south, we are supposed to call it “coke” not “soda” or “pop,” but I find this strange even though I was born and raised in Texas so I’m still calling it soda.

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