College 101: Two WRONG Ways To Party

I was the stereotypical party girl during my freshman year of college. Nearly every weekend, you could find me at a house party or a bar, dancing and drinking the night away. It’s a phase that that many people go through; and one that inevitably brings with it mistakes and regrets, which most likely turn into a long list of what to avoid when going for a night on the town.



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1. Now, this first rule of thumb was taught to me not by my own actions, but my best friend’s. It was bound to happen to one of us, though, because we were new to the whole partying thing, since we didn’t do much of it in high school. A friend from back home invited us to our VERY FIRST house party! ahhhhhh! SOEXCITE~*~ So, we get there, and it’s all fun and games until my sweet innocent friend decides to mix some vodka with the Hawaiian Punch that she found on the counter. If you are or used to be a drinker, you probably have a good idea of what happened next. This “Hawaiian Punch” turned out to be a mixture of the infamous trashcan punch (this one had everclear in it). Long story short, about 20 minutes later, the poor girl couldn’t even walk. Our friends had to take turns carrying her downstairs to the parking lot, before she passed out and/or puked everywhere. It was definitely a party to remember (or not remember, in her case). Just as a general rule of thumb, if you don’t specifically know your limit, or you do not know how strong the drink that you are being served is, DON’T TOUCH IT. The one thing we DID do right at our first house party, however, was going with someone we know and trust.

2. Somehow, even though I did that correctly the first time, I didn’t catch on to this important rule. With that being out in the open, I will go ahead and admit that I, too, ended up making my own big mistake when my guy “friend” (douchebag who was just looking for girls to bring to a frat party so they’d let him in) invited me to a Hawaiian themed extravaganza. Swimsuits, sand, free beer, and music! Fun, right? Yeah, you’d think so. Oh, I should probably mention another huge no-no engraved into my brain after this night: don’t drink on an empty stomach. EVER. You will get trashed and throw up absolutely everywhere (I mean… everywhere), which is exactly what happened to me. This also happened after kissing some random dude whose number I found in my phone the next day listed as “Pauj(classic). So, after puking my brains out in the fake palm trees, I tried to get the guy who invited me to take me back to my dorm. Drunk and horny, my lovely “friend” said he’d only agree to such terms if I gave him a blowjob. Uhhhh NO. Lucky for me, a sweet upperclassman overheard the conversation, and offered to take me home, and I am forever grateful to her.


So, what’s the moral of these stories? First off, don’t be afraid to have fun in college, because that’s what it’s all about – you know, besides the whole “school” thing. Even so, make sure you are careful! Take precaution, and don’t make the dumb decisions that my friend and I did.


            Do you have any crazy party stories? Tell us about them!

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