NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Christine Renner – “Drown”

New Music Premiere!

Christine Renner – “Drown”

After tickling the better parts of our heart during her set for the Australian wildfire benefit show at Barracuda (r.i.p.) last year, we have had nothing short of wholehearted appreciation for Christine Renner ever since. Her bold in broken places sentimental pop warmly spins the experience in the omnipresent naivety of youth while maintaining integrity worthy of introspective appreciation. Renner is an idealist shaping inflected lyrics into rich ambiguous lingering dream monuments to greater truths and devastating defeats, no truer is this statement than with her new single “Drown.”

There is a sincerity binding her with what she offers up before us. It amplifies with each new piece she puts out. To come on so strong, so soon, should be what we love so much about her but those thoughts are vaguely forgotten as we find ourselves thankful to be in the intimacy of the moments we share with universal understanding found in the experience of her songs. Sure “Drown” is about loneliness; yet sharing it, collectively embracing it, the sad empty alienation whose dark swallowing depths we too have known; we find ourselves alone together, broken together, growing out of it together. Isn’t that what made us fall in love with music in the first place? Her music takes us to that place every time we press play.

Check back often, wherever she takes us in the future, count on Anon to document the journey.

Christine Renner – Bandcamp | Instagram | Website

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