Check, Check, One, Two, Three


Slam Poetry. Spoken Word. Hell- poetry! What are all these things? My good ole’ friend, Wiki, would define spoken word/slam poetry as a performance art. I know what you are thinking though, “I still have no idea what that even means…” Yeah okay. Let’s first talk about what spoken word isn’t.

Spoken Word is not:

1.) Boring

2.) Confusing

3.) Vague

4.) Uninteresting

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about spoken word, all I could picture was a bunch of folks wearing black, smoking hookah, playing bongos, and keeping their voices just above a whisper. I am a fan of some of the above mentioned, but all rolled into one seemed intimidating and-well, quite frankly- boring. Spoken word might be this way in some places, but here in our own local (YES! LOCAL BCS COMMUNITY) slam poetry scene, this is not the case.


Mic Check was founded about seven years ago and became a non-profit in 2010 with the belief that poetry should be “free to the community” ( I have been attending Mic Check for close to a year now and have seen every type of art performed on the stage at Revolution’s. Attending the free, weekly, poetry slams has grown my craft of writing and challenged me as a person, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; in addition, Mic Check reminds me that art and creativity can flourish anywhere, in anyone, regardless of what the world might say. Every person has a voice, no matter how small or quiet, and that voice needs-deserves- to be heard. This is the heart and soul behind spoken word. To speak for those who cannot and “to speak or be spoken for.” Mic Check is a community of encouraging writers, artists, and wonderful people all the way around.

So, I still haven’t specified what spoken word is, have I? Okay- well rather than me throw more random adjectives your way, how about I show you, eh?

Anis Mojgani was my first taste of spoken word, and I haven’t stopped craving it since.

Bill Moran AKA Good Ghost Bill is the president of Mic Check.

Lacey Roop- Just because she is that good.

As you can see, poetry and spoken word can come in all shapes and sizes, just like their poets. If you like what you see here, take advantage of the local poetry scene in Bryan, Texas.

Revolution’s Café. Every Sunday. 8:30. For free. Yes. Free.

All are welcome. Hope to see you out there soon! And remember – support local art in all of its forms.


Stay classy, Anon.

(For more information on Mic Check, like them on Facebook.

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