Chaser Brand Talks Season Fashion and Industry Success

Chaser Brand, originating in the stylistic corners of Southern California, is taking the world by storm with their clothing brand that has swept the seas into some of the most well known magazines and on the celebrities that shape the pages. Chaser Brand is releasing their Fall and Holiday lookbooks and Megan Baca, Vice President of Design and Merchandising, took a moment from her busy days searching the racks for new trends and preparing for next seasons do’s and don’ts to chat about what’s foreseen in next season’s fashions, advice for those aspiring fashion students, and success in this evolving industry.




How would you describe the brand aesthetic for these upcoming lookbooks?

The lookbooks are always evolving, but the one thing that remains constant is the energy. We change theme, we change location, but the mood and the spirit remain Chaser. Fall is set in a house in the woods, it is hipster rustic, with tons of records in the background and a cool funky decor, while Holiday was shot in a gothic church. Wherever we go, we stay true to the Chaser vibe.


What was your fashion inspiration for Fall and Holiday 2014?

I am constantly pulling inspiration from everywhere and collecting images and scenery. Fall was about returning to the classics, reinventing basics in new ways, building our girl’s wardrobe with strong essentials in core and luxurious fabrications like silk and linen that will stand the test of time. This allowed Holiday to be a bit more fun, to build on the foundation that was laid for Fall, and layer in fun color blocked fur jackets and coats, vintage inspired velvets and chiffon, and leather! Holiday gives our girl tons of great options for New Years Eve and all the fun festivities that lead up to the celebration, day or night, a little glitter and glam to make the cold feel a bit more acceptable.




You’ve garnered really positive attention in a small amount of time. What has been your reaction to the response and how has it impacted the way you look at fashion for Chaser?

That is a really great thing to hear! I look at Chaser with an outward expression of how I am viewing the world through clothing and style. I strongly believe in following my instincts, and with all the competition out there you need to really look inward in order to put something out there that will make an impact. I am lucky to have a way to share that with the world. So I guess I would say I will continue following my instincts as they keep evolving, and so will Chaser.


What brands, artists and general fellow creative minds would you recommend from your circle that seem to inspire you for this lookbook?

The lookbook is really a channeling of energy. It isn’t really about any specific influences, but rather about exposing yourself constantly to new music, new films and new art. Even things that you do not like at first, it’s the ability to open up to new forms. You take the spirit and energy that comes from the raw creativity. It drives you to create freshness, in ways that you would not anticipate. It is a force, and the rest just flows from there.


When taking on the job as VP of design, you are faced with more challenges; not only the acceptance from fashion critics who look up to this brand with the utmost respect it deserves, but by your fans and buyers, especially the growing generation of teenagers and young adults. How do you come up with these looks, and how has this evolving society of fashion impacted what represents this brand?

It is an honor to be able to have a voice in the dialogue of style, something I do not take lightly. I draw on my years of experience, that is the foundation. I do extensive research of current and eras past, and as I have mentioned before I rely heavily on my instincts. Then it all comes down to focus, pulling it all together, and creating something new every season, meanwhile staying true to the Chaser aesthetic. It is a tricky balance, but a very rewarding challenge! I am always inspired by change and I love the evolution of style, that is what keeps me going!


Lookbooks are a big part of a clothing brand – not only do they capture the eyes of potential buyers, they represents the brand as a whole. How do you incorporate and choose what you think would best represent Chaser in the lookbooks?

The lookbooks are our chance to connect emotionally to our customers and buyers. It is our moment, after the clothes are made, to show her where and how we want to wear this collection. For instance, right now I am designing Summer, and so I ask myself, “what do I want to wear when I am drinking margaritas?” That will influence the overall vibe, mood, and location of the Summer shoot. It is a fantasy we are proposing to our girl, a dream, the aspirational escape of who we want to be in these clothes.




What are your favorite pieces from the Fall and Holiday 2014 collections ?

I am obsessed with the silk basics, I am practically living in the silk slouchy pants. I also love the linen tees! Meanwhile I am waiting for it to get cold so I can finally wear the alpine sweaters, yes!


When did Revolve Clothing get involved and why did you choose to engage with them ?

I consider Revolve Clothing the barometer on what is happening in the contemporary market. They are a great partner, and we are lucky to be able to work together. They really get what we are trying to do, and we love how they sell our clothing. A great match!


What advice would you give aspiring fashion students about reaching their dreams in today’s fashion world?

I would tell them to intern, intern, intern, get experience! Learn from the greats! This is your chance! Go out and see what other designers can teach you. School is great because it gives you the building blocks, but you need the architects to tell you how to put them together. Learn as much as you can, you will be pulling from this experience for the rest of your life!



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