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New Single: Dan Rico - "Let's Go Back"

New Single: Dan Rico – “Let’s Go Back”

With now expected minimalist poetic prose Dan Rico matches his words this go 'round with bare lain instrumentation to deliver a personal yet all encompassing expression of the social societal malaise and the personal regret of the wasted fingertip bygone days to give us on "Let's Go Back" an all in togetherness Stand By Me...
Album Review: Teenage Cavegirl - Candy Cigarettes

Album Review: Teenage Cavegirl – Candy Cigarettes

...both sides of this record are natural unique cohesive noise; it did not come by accident. When Teenage Cavegirl someday find themselves listed in the annals of that which kept the dream alive in those back-building years of Austin, remember to remind your kids they did not get there by accident, they earned it, Candy...
New Video: Teenage Cavegirl - "Space Girl"

New Video: Teenage Cavegirl – “Space Girl”

Jesus Christ, someone send this video to every confused twelve year old before they mistakenly subscribe to Guitar World and start off down that disappointing path of Incubus respect which somehow leads to Steve Vai. There is room in this town for every facet of cool but if you are going to try, you...
New Video: Attic Ted - "Skip to the Lulu"

New Video: Attic Ted – “Skip to the Lulu”

Calling all fans of straight-to-video, filmed on videocassette horror; Attic Ted have something special lined up for you. "Skip to the Lulu" is directed by Jeffrey Garcia who kicks up nostalgic dust of Cannibal Cookout, The Video Dead, and Video Violence. Without leaning towards schlock humor the way Scott Barber did on Roky Moon's memorable...
NEW VIDEO: Fanclub - "Uppercut"

NEW VIDEO: Fanclub – “Uppercut”

Directed by the amazing Shannon Wiedemeyer, shot and edited by Vanessa Pla, featuring Alyssa Golden. This "Uppercut" vid obviously deepens our already endless love for Fanclub. They remain flawless.
NEW VIDEO: Amyl and the Sniffers - "Got You"

NEW VIDEO: Amyl and the Sniffers – “Got You”

Director Triana Hernandez has a full grasp on the image the band is building their dominance on, with a minimalist shot on videocassette approach we get Wake in Fright vibes that neither skew Amyl and the Sniffers in the slightest from focus on the song itself while solidifying what anyone who has caught them live...
New Music: Tacocat - "Hologram"

New Music: Tacocat – “Hologram”

"Hologram" speaks to how our vantage point in life changes inescapably with time while the results of the finite feeling beneath it all remains the conclusion regardless of our ever shifting inner-zeitgeist. We find as the song develops the message to be solace found by accepting the idea of being ineffectual or complacent as largely...
The Tough Shits - Burning in Paradise

The Tough Shits – Burning in Paradise

The Tough Shits have me once more daydreaming of owning an El Camino just so I can blast this album on repeat blazing across west Texas on the way to California. Overall verdict: Burning in Paradise must be immersed in, an experience as a whole which rises above all condescending criticism, it magnetizes in waves...
Andrew Cashen - "Frank Sinatra's Yacht"

Andrew Cashen – “Frank Sinatra’s Yacht”

Kerouacian in the finest most brilliant sense, "Frank Sinatra's Yacht" reads somewhere between coming down out of the mountain in Desolation Angels and saying goodbye to the mice in Big Sur; every line, every note owning us as Andrew Cashen cries out to eternity, "what I do now next? Chop wood?."
New Video: Amyl and the Sniffers - Monsoon Rock

New Video: Amyl and the Sniffers – Monsoon Rock

As for this moment here now Amyl and the Sniffers are everything.
Gooch Palms - New Single "Are We Wasted?" - SXSW 2019 - Tour Dates

Gooch Palms – New Single “Are We Wasted?” – SXSW 2019 – Tour Dates

Gooch Palms new single "Are We Wasted?" further solidifies our suspicions towards the Aussie tradition of baking up tasty snacks that are the perfect blend of colorful sweetness we somehow manage to look cooler by eating. Something weird has been going on down in Australia for a while now, something is up we can...
Album Review:  Harlem Puts Us To Sleep With Oh Boy

Album Review: Harlem Puts Us To Sleep With Oh Boy

Had this been their first album it would have been fine, a stepping stone not so much listened to by anyone but still exists in the background, a reminder of where they came from. As an album this far into the game, as something they have arrived at, Oh Boy sounds about as good as...
Album Review: Frankie and the Witch Fingers - ZAM

Album Review: Frankie and the Witch Fingers – ZAM

Frankie and the Witch Fingers ride talent the way most Burger bands ride trends. Zam is the best rock n roll has to offer.
Mixtape Monday: Gleaming the Mood

Mixtape Monday: Gleaming the Mood

Mixtape Monday: Gleaming the Mood
Fanclub: All The Same EP and Instagram Takeover!

Fanclub: All The Same EP and Instagram Takeover!

Fanclub: All The Same EP and Instagram Takeover! By Jay Armstrong   I meant every word I said back in August gushing over Fanclub. What I did not know then, even in the light of such positive feelings, is how much getting their latest six songs would hit when playing it. This All The Same...
Mixtape Monday: Levitate

Mixtape Monday: Levitate

Mixtape Monday: Levitate 1 Dr. Hook - "Levitate" 2 The Black On White Affair - "Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother" 3 Dee Dee Barnes - "Do What You Wanna Do" 4 Billy Preston - "Will It Go Round in Circles" 5 Ike & Tina Turner - "I Want To Take You Higher" 6 Pacific Gas & Electric - "Wade in...
Missing Pages: Long Way Down and a Love Letter To Stephen Svacina

Missing Pages: Long Way Down and a Love Letter To Stephen Svacina

There was though a spirit crying out to us from the wilderness of our small nowhere nothing nobody towns which tempted us to risk the comfort of the familiar to land in a foreign place of culture shock and suffocating all alone and to know even on the darkest defeated nights that if we kept...
The Reputations: Loving Them Is Easy

The Reputations: Loving Them Is Easy

The Reputations radiate in what would best be called the Stevie Nicks effect. Loving them is easy.
Mixtape Monday: Carole's Slumber Party

Mixtape Monday: Carole’s Slumber Party

Carole's lost mixtape from her slumber party in '77
Album Review: Drunk Mums - Urban Cowboy

Album Review: Drunk Mums – Urban Cowboy

Drunk Mums are one of the last vestiges of wild expressive cool left in the world. Quite possibly one of the last for all of existence!
Mixtape Monday: Teenager In Love

Mixtape Monday: Teenager In Love

Are you following us on Spotify yet? Friend us here. Barreracudas – “Promises” Nikki and the Corvettes – “Criminal Element” Dumb – “Heather You’re So Cool” If you didn’t catch our interview we did with Corey Baum of Dumb here is your chance. The Babies – “Alligator” The Rubinoos – “I Think We’re Alone Now”...
Album Review: John Wesley Coleman III - Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song

Album Review: John Wesley Coleman III – Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song

Spoken through Kerouacian prose allowing your mind belief in the transcendence of a moment and meaning and everything else which our hearts find positive and defeating in these beat days of our karmic souls
Mixtape Monday: Fresh Leather

Mixtape Monday: Fresh Leather

  Amyl and the Sniffers – “Balaclava Lover Boogie” Got turned on to these dudes a few months back, been Jonesing for em ever since. Full article coming in January. Links – Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook | Website . Küken – “I’m Not Fucked Up” Few bangers have been devastatingly overlooked more than Küken’s...
Willy Vanilla - "American Neck"

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck”

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck” By Jay Armstrong Willy Vanilla’s American Neck is lighthearted as hell. If only talent were allowed to speak in a space devoid of ego-maniacal ambitions more often. Every song has its own spine, its own strut. These guys aren’t trying to force an angle or end result. They don’t fall...
Nothing Instagram Takeover

Nothing Instagram Takeover

Photo by Ben Rayner Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Bandcamp   With as many physical, mental and spiritual griefs as Domenic Palermo has been through, music and his band Nothing remain an incessant driving force. Growing up in North Philadelphia, Palermo delved into the city’s hardcore scene and in the early 2000’s formed punk/hardcore...
Damn Fine Music Fest: A Celebration of Twin Peaks at Cheer Up Charlies

Damn Fine Music Fest: A Celebration of Twin Peaks at Cheer Up Charlies

  Welcome to the town of Twin Peaks, director David Lynch’s fascinating and surreal TV show spanning three seasons over the last 28 years. Incorporating eerie and haunting visuals, a moody score by Angelo Badalamenti and a cast of intriguing characters, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty to reflect on and plot points that leave...
Borzoi's "Big Pink"

Borzoi’s “Big Pink”

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram   In today’s bombardment of social media and endless clicking and scrolling, creativity often gets lost amidst the mass of noise, apparently missing its mark if it’s not promoted while it’s hot. Following up to last year’s Surrender The Farm EP, Austin’s punk trio Borzoi’s upcoming full length, A Prayer for...
New Attractions - "Hole In My Heart"

New Attractions – “Hole In My Heart”

New Attractions – “Hole In My Heart” By Jay Armstrong   It is no secret that my love for The Rich Hands goes deep. Not a week passes without throwing on one of their records, especially Take Care, so hearing the New Attractions first release “Hole In My Heart” obviously hit with a blind force...
Ohmme Takeover

Ohmme Takeover

Photography: Alexa Viscius Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Full of sonic experimentations and rich arrangements, Ohmme (comprised of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart) lays at the heart of Chicago’s music scene. Not one to follow in the footsteps of others, the duo successfully embark on their own path, capturing a significant energy...
Arthur Moon's Single "Standing Wave"

Arthur Moon’s Single “Standing Wave”

Website || Facebook || Instagram Photography: Lissy Elle Photography   Excitingly disjointed and pleasingly jarring, Arthur Moon first caught my ear with her track “Room” off her 2017 EP, Our Head. Consistently experimental in her technique, award-winning composer/singer Lora-Faye Åshuvud constructs dynamic and moody textures, presenting a refreshing spin on electronic-pop. Often writing her lyrics...
Member's of Wall/Beverly Release New Track "Fate/Glory"

Member’s of Wall/Beverly Release New Track “Fate/Glory”

Photo by Colin Sussingham & Josie Keefe   Too often do newly formed supergroups lose sight of their aspirations and ambitions, yet New York based quartet Public Practice reign in their individual strengths with their upcoming debut EP, Distance is a Mirror. Including members from post-punk act WALL and dream-pop band Beverly, singer Sam York,...
Mixtape Monday: Beautiful Misinterpretations

Mixtape Monday: Beautiful Misinterpretations

  Sextile – Paradox Peel Dream Magazine – Pill Love Jerks – Apocalyptic Make-out Single Lash – Come True Silent Forum – How I Faked the Moon Landing Twin Studies – Still Life Many Voices Speak – I Saw You Pearl & the Oysters – Vitamin D  
New Crush: Fanclub

New Crush: Fanclub

New Crush: Fan Club by Jay Armstrong After all these years hanging in the back refusing to acknowledge beyond waning disinterest the failed synth attempts to sell pop for popularity one could easily grow weary and suspect of all things falling in that direction.  Never though will that be the case, I sit candle lit...
Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles

Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles

Artist: Pearl Charles Photographer: John Allen Producer: Nathan Edge HMU: Kate Leatherwood Styling: Nicky Turner   Inspiration for this photoshoot was taken from retro photography, a mix of psychedelia and screenshots from The Holy Mountain. Organic patterns were mixed with linear symbolism to evoke ethereal mysticism. All images were taken on 35mm film.     ...
Mixtape Monday: Bending Towards Bliss

Mixtape Monday: Bending Towards Bliss

  Them Are Us Too – Grey Water Fyrrh – Orange Cream Fanclub – Leaves Dentist – Corked Versing – Silver Dollar Pllush – Big Train Indigo de Souza – How I Get Myself Killed Wetter – Truth Song  
Lake of Fire Music Video Premiere: Crater

Lake of Fire Music Video Premiere: Crater

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram   Delving deep into experimental territory with rock and psych influences, Austin’s very own Lake of Fire have crafted an amalgam of sounds into one solid debut LP, Crater, released today on Fishbum Records. Their official video (citing the same title as their LP) was shot in Texas’ expansive landscape...
Bustin' Loose - Trouble Boys Video Premiere and Tour Kickoff

Bustin’ Loose – Trouble Boys Video Premiere and Tour Kickoff

Trouble Boys – Bustin’ Loose By Jay Armstrong Video Premiere and Tour Dates   Last month when we said “Trouble Boys make the best goddamn rock and roll Austin has felt this side of The Skunks,” you can believe we meant it. As they head out on tour this week here is your chance to...
Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don't You Cry

Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don’t You Cry

  Hush, Don’t You Cry is a mix of dreamy synth pop songs that play with a textured wall of sound led with an overall ominous tone and introspective lyrics, yet are all unsettlingly upbeat.   Beach House – Drunk in LA Shannon and the Clams – White Rabbit MGMT – Little Dark Age Lana...
Show Preview: The Coathangers

Show Preview: The Coathangers

Photo by Jeff Forney   Hailing from the depths of the Atlanta music scene, The Coathangers are an all-female garage punk band who masterfully and purposefully combine simple, hooky tunes that invoke the nostalgic sound of vintage girl groups with the rebellious choppy power chords from female-driven influencers like Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney. Formed in...
Peach Kelli Pop's Allie Hanlon Interview & Instagram Takeover

Peach Kelli Pop’s Allie Hanlon Interview & Instagram Takeover

Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   Peach Kelli Pop‘s fourth full length album, Gentle Leader, comes highly anticipated after a three year hiatus. Their first release off Canadian label Mint Records, Peach Kelli Pop founder Allie Hanlon departs from a solo effort to a more complex collaborative process with sisters Gina and Sophie...
"Air Supply" || ahem

“Air Supply” || ahem

Photo: Taylor Donskey   After a two year hiatus, Minneapolis trio ahem is back with an upcoming EP, Chutes and Ladders, due June 22nd on Forged Artifacts. An energetic five track record just in time to pair with the optimism of the coming summer, ahem draws forth an underground punk spirit with infectious power pop...
Release Day: Routine Death's Parallel Universes

Release Day: Routine Death’s Parallel Universes

  Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden and Austin, Texas, married couple Dustin (of psych-pop outfit Holy Wave) and Lisa Zozaya’s newly crafted project Routine Death feels anything but conventional. Their debut album Parallel Universes is out today and features a distinct soundscape of both the gritty and the ethereal, an array of glitching pulses intertwined...
Mixtape Monday: ~*~ wAtEr Bbz ~*~ by Cat Tassini

Mixtape Monday: ~*~ wAtEr Bbz ~*~ by Cat Tassini

  Ace of Base – All That She Wants Niki & the Dove – Coconut Kiss OutKast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious Katy Perry – Tsunami Kero Kero Bonito – Picture This Blondie – Sunday Girl The Aquadolls – Our Love Will Always Remain The Specials – A Message to You Rudy The Kinks – Holiday in Waikiki...
Suuns' "Look No Further" Music Video

Suuns’ “Look No Further” Music Video

Photo by Joe Yarmush Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   Montreal quartet Suuns‘ latest music video release for “Look No Further” is based on director Lorraine Price’s (“Last Woman Standing”, “Inside These Walls”) footage from Werner Herzog’s workshop in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba, 2017. Using non-professional actors, the children in the...
Mixtape Monday: Miraculous & Overwhelming

Mixtape Monday: Miraculous & Overwhelming

  Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything Is Beulah – Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand Elf Power – Needles in the Camels Eyes The Apples in Stereo – Tidal Wave The Apples in Stereo – Pine Away The Gerbils – Lucky Girl Beirut – Elephant Gun The Decemberists – On the Bus Mall of Montreal – Everything...
Mixtape Monday: Accident-Prone

Mixtape Monday: Accident-Prone

  The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up Joy Division – Disorder The Church – Reptile X – True Love Part 2 Gang of Four – Damaged Goods The Clash – The Guns of Brixton Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You...
Protomartyr's "Wheel of Fortune" Music Video Featuring Kelley Deal

Protomartyr’s “Wheel of Fortune” Music Video Featuring Kelley Deal

Facebook || Bandcamp   Good news for us Protomartyr fans this week — the band announced the release of their Consolation E.P., out on June 15th via Domino Recording Co. Joining vocals with Joe Casey on two of the four tracks is Kelley Deal of The Breeders, a creative and collaborative spark they wanted to...
Mixtape Monday: Exquisite Tension

Mixtape Monday: Exquisite Tension

  Dream Rimmy – Like Me Born Twins – A Few Hours After This Devan Mulvaney – Into the Woods Blue Streak – Dog Juanita Stein – Forgiver Magic Wands – Realms Peach Kelli Pop – Hello Kitty Knife Wussy – Runaway  
No Joy Instagram Takeover

No Joy Instagram Takeover

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Bandcamp   Often we tend to get caught up in the comfort of knowing just what to expect from a band, whether with their live performance or with forthcoming albums. No Joy is a band that has managed to pleasantly surprise their audience since their inception in 2009 to...
Mixtape Monday: Wow and Flutter

Mixtape Monday: Wow and Flutter

  Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Roberta C. Liz Phair – Fuck & Run (Girlysound version) Beat Happening – The Fall Elliott Smith – No Name #4 Neutral Milk Hotel – Sailing Through Teen Suicide – Stay Inside Forever Elvis Depressedly – Weird Honey The Mountain Goats – The Big Unit McCarthy – Celestial...

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