Photography: Castles in the Sky by Griselda Duch

Photographer: Griselda Duch ( Instagram )


“Is there a way to describe the aching love we hold for things that cannot reciprocate? The expression to build “Castles in the Sky” means to dream big. To create dreams, hopes and plans that are almost impossible and unrealistic. To aim higher. The series represents a personal perspective, an ultimate collection of dreamlike photos with an open ending. A selection of images focused on the essence of the dreams not beyond a quixotic world where neon lights, cacti and love are the highlights. When the dreamer dies, what happen to the dream? Such a wide interpretation we use to build castles in the sky.” — Griselda Duch
Griselda Duch is a 29 year-old photographer currently living and working in Barcelona, Spain. Her background in Arts & Culture allows her to expand her passion for photography. She mainly creates imagery focused across the genres of still life, landscape, urban and architectural photography. 
















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