New Video: Casey Seymour – “Installations”

No one should be surprised by the well-deserved hype going Casey Seymour’s way as the tickled ear smile crosses those first listening through his Hidden Hills EP. All that nice-guys-finish-last propaganda is simply not true; good people surface slowly with namasteic wholesome warmth so as to be less dramatic in how they get there is all. Listening to the album feels as though it has always existed, as if Seymour had been singing these songs with his presence for years. If anything is surprising in the slightest it is not having thought he had the ambition to create something on his own in the first place.  Kevin Curtin wrote a solid feature for The Austin Chronicle on Hidden Hills; no need to step all over ourselves trying to reword our shared thoughts; catch Curtin’s feature here.

Casey Seymour: Bandcamp | Instagram

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