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Here we have the number one album of summer. Not THE summer… just summer. If a single season can have a soundtrack, this is it.


Color me impressed as hell with this debut by Brooklyn trio EZTV. Who do I hear behind this band? I find Dire Straits in their riffs. Seriously, these are some fantastic and yet subtle enough works from the lead guitar. In their laid-back, beachy attitude, I hear Cayucas (these two are cousins at best though). I hear the Shins, in that EZTV is able to satisfy that Shins-esque tiptoe between easy-going and upbeat. But most of all, I hear the Kinks. EZTV captures that young and catchy attitude, not to mention the soothing vocals.


This album sounds less like a debut, and more like Tenenbaum and company are already past their sophomore. Tenenbaum shows wondrous maturity as an artist, and yet Calling Out exudes the innocence of early summer. Listen and find yourself in a sun-baked meadow in the 60’s, all framed within a Polaroid.


All 12 tracks flow together so well, and yet you could pick singles out of the bunch left and right. Much praise has been said about “Trampoline,” but personally, I can’t stop listening to “The Light.” Tenenbaum’s tidal vocals on this track command head-bobbing from all listeners. However, I do find that “Trampoline,” sums up the album nicely. After all, what is a trampoline for? A little bit of fun, of course.




“Calling Out” is available to purchase now on Captured Tracks. Oh, and it’s available in red vinyl. That’s right – red. Can’t wait to see that on my turntable.


 You can also keep up to date with EZTV on their Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud page.


Tour Dates:

Sat. Aug. 29 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Fri. Oct. 9 – New York, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg with Luna


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