Burnouts Burning Out of Denver: Fast Eddy – New Songs | Tour

Burnouts Burning Out of Denver: Fast Eddy

By Jay Armstrong

It took a lot of noise to give these Fast Eddy boys the foundation to erect their altar to Rock n Roll–an altar they embody in every static second of every squealed out song. Somewhere between the New York Dolls and Paul Collins’ Beat runs the subconscious thread stitching these burnouts together with a fuel burning manifest destiny pushing them out of Denver as though Seger himself sent his late seventies spirit right across time and space to whisper the word GO into their anxious ears.

Unpacking this Toofer One EP I find myself as excited to hold it in my hand as I am to lay that needle down on it for the first time. To have it tangible means they truly exist, that the morphine drip of rock n roll keeping my beaten ragged body upright is not running out. Having preordered the album, obviously I was already stoked on the band but these three new songs overshadow whatever it was that perked the ye old proverbial ears sounding like what a lot of us were hoping from the new Giuda album which never quite delivered (still a damn solid record but once you listen to these songs you will get the point). On their self-titled we heard hints of Dark Angel or G.B.H. in the way one might describe LaCroix flavors, that tough guy ego bullshit now is toned down to tolerable–probably has more to do with this EP being produced by Tuk Smith than anything else–making these new songs on par with the best of The Wheelz but twice as likeable.

If Fast Eddy can stay out on the road for a few years I don’t see another band in my peripheral setting themselves up to be substantial and sustained who are more likely to pull it off. There will never be a shortage of rock n roll bands worth getting out of the house for and that seems to play a huge part in understanding the problem of why we fail to rally together behind bands collectively as of late; sure Timmy’s Organism is on that path, Dirty Fences and The Spits have pulled it off rather well, John Dwyer has effectively proven himself as god in the flesh, so it remains possible; Fast Eddy might just be the next ones. And even if they get off this tour they are on (dates below)  and never touch a stage again let us hope whatever these three Toofer One songs are alluding to becomes a full length before they fully hang it out to dry, they are just now starting to tap into something bigger than themselves. Believe the hype, Fast Eddy are on the way.

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