Burning Palms Takeover!


Photographer: James Michael Juarez



Based out of Tucson, Arizona, Burning Palms finds a suitable home in their desert state, a community full of collaborations, raw energy, and inspiration for their “witch-rock” psychedelia band. Vocalist, guitarist, and bassist Simone Stopford originated the project while in Australia, and since then has garnered wide attention with their constant touring and their infectious and intriguing live show and sound along with fellow members vocalist and guitarist Ryan Janke, vocalist and bassist Nicole Smith and drummer Rea Concepcion.




Likened to other bands and artists from Patti Smith, to Bauhaus, to The Horrors, Burning Palms still maintains a unique niche of their own. They’ve cultivated a creative endurance when it comes to promoting and reaching out to new fans and a wide audience. As told to CV Independent, once when their van broke down they used their social media platforms to reach out to fans to purchase their merchandise to help get them back up on their feet, in the style of personalized songs, palm readings, dirty talk and other anti-traditional forms.





Follow our Instagram on Monday, October 5th for Burning Palms’ takeover! They’ll be capturing the sights and sounds for their show in Oakland, CA at Leo’s. You can keep up to date with the band on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages. You can also catch Burning Palms on tour for the following dates;

October 2nd – Portland, OR @ The Know
October 3rd – Arcata, CA @ The Alibi
October 4th – Sacramento, CA @ Press Club
October 5th – Oakland, CA @ Leo’s
October 6th – Fresno, CA @ Strummer’s
October 7th – San Luis Obispo, CA @ Frog & Peach
October 10th – Brea, CA @ Crystal Gallery
October 11th – Phoenix, AR @ Rebel Lounge




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